Teknobond 250 acrylic glue

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Teknobond 250 acrylic glue

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Water-based acrylic adhesive for PVC and linoleum floor coverings.

Water-based acrylic adhesive with high adhesion strength for PVC and linoleum floor coverings.

Areas of application:

Hospitals, laboratories, residential buildings, shopping centers.

For fast and long-lasting high-strength bonding:

  • LVT and other coatings in rolls and tiles, including homogeneous and heterogeneous PVC
  • Vinyl, linoleum, and rubber (rubber) coatings
  • Carpet tiles and carpet.
  • Needle-punched coatings
  • Natural linoleum
  • Textile coatings on synthetic and natural substrates (for example, latex, PVC, polyurethane, jute)
  • Quartz-vinyl and cork tiles.
  • On absorbent and non-absorbent indoor surfaces
  • It is used for gluing carpets, covering PVC materials on concrete and screed

Features and Benefits:

  • Simply applied
  • Wide application range and high strength
  • Does not contain solvents
  • Quickly grasps
  • High adhesive capacity
  • Suitable for underfloor heating
  • Resistant to mechanical loads

Instructions for use:

Surface quality: The application surface must be free of materials that prevent adhesion, such as dust, oil, resin, and detergent. Weak particles should be removed and the surface cleaned with compressed air.

Surface preparation: If there are irregularities on the floor, they must be removed with a self-leveling screed TEKNOSELF or TEKNOSELF 500. After leveling, if necessary, the surface should be primed with TEKNOLATEX 200.

TEKNOBOND 250 is applied to the surface with a notched spatula. The flow rate is adjusted according to the depth of the trowel teeth. After applying the adhesive composition, it is necessary to wait 2-3 minutes for full adhesion to the application surface to occur and an adhesive film is formed. After that, you can proceed directly to the gluing of the finish coating.

Naimenuvannya ostavnika

             Normativne znachennya




Vidro 20 kg

Umovi zberigannya

12 misyatsiv u sukhomu seredovishchi u zakritiy originalniy packatsi


6,5 - 7,5


250-300 g / m2

The hour of life sumishi

45-50 xb

The hour of the Firstfruits

15-20 xb

Hour of vedennya in ekspluatatsiyu

~ 24 years ago

Povne visihannya

3-4 days


~ 1.35 kg / l

Temperature range of the plotted area

( 10 ° C) - ( 35 ° C)