Primer acrylic Teknokur 100

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Primer acrylic Teknokur 100

Membranebased acrylic emulsion for the protection of fresh concrete.


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Membranophones acrylic emulsion Teknokur 100 to protect fresh concrete from rapid moisture loss and reduce the possibility of shrinkage cracks.


  • Used in the installation of concrete at elevated temperature
  • Used in laying concrete in a strong wind
  • Gastrointesti residential and industrial buildings, hangars
  • When concrete roads and runways
  • To protect the surface after applying the toppings Teknoser



  • Effectively retains moisture necessary for hydration of cement in concrete mortar
  • Significantly reduces the probability of formation of shrinkage cracks in concrete
  • The cured concrete surface is more smooth and durable
  • Absorbs
  • The perfect solution for protecting fresh concrete in hard to reach places
  • Easy application and reduced labor costs
  • Contains no solvents and can be used indoors



Before use, mix well. Apply Teknokur 100 freshly poured concrete by spray, brush or roller evenly over the surface. To increase the efficiency of protection of concrete from external factors, it is necessary to apply a second coat Teknokur 100 for 6 hours after application of the first layer. After use, the equipment should be rinsed with water.

Comments on the application:

Work carried out with the use of protective goggles and gloves. In case of contact with skin wash with water and detergent, in case of contact with eyes, rinse with plenty of water.

Basic information


Emulsion of white color

Shelf life

12 months in original sealed containers


30 kg canister

Drying time

≤ 135 min

Time between coats

2-6 hours


Of 1.01 (± 0,03) kg/l

Product publications

Teknokur 100 membrane forming machine for fresh concrete
Teknokur 100 membrane forming machine for fresh concrete

Teknokur 100 is a new generation membrane-forming agent based on an acrylic emulsion that will help protect freshly laid concrete.

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