Polyurethane waterproofing Teknomer 600 2K

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Polyurethane waterproofing Teknomer 600 2K

Two-component elastic waterproofing material Teknomer 600 2K polyurethane.


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Two-component elastic waterproofing material Teknomer 600 2K based on polyurethane. Polymerized when interacting with moisture and creates a protective elastic layer.


  • terraces, roofs, balconies and gutters
  • suitable for outdoor use
  • to protect surfaces of sheet metal


  • Easy to apply (roller, brush or spray)
  • Retains its high flexibility even at low temperatures
  • Excellent adhesion even on difficult surfaces
  • Resistant to salts, dilute acids sulphates

Usage instructions

Surface for application should be cleaned from any oils, rust, detergents and other substances that prevent adhesion. If there are areas in the form of cracks, cavities on the surface - they must be repaired using the easy cement mixes Teknorep 300 and Teknorep 300EX. The insulated surface must be dry and prepared. If, before applying TEKNOMER 400 dilatation of the design, it must first be insulated with tapes Teknomer Pah Band 120/70 and Teknomer 400 D.

As a primer use Teknobond 300. After curing, you can start applying Teknomer 600 2K. Before application mix with low speed mixer component And gradually adding component B. the mixing Time at least 3 minutes until a homogeneous mixture. The material is ready for use and requires no dilution with water or other liquids. Do not apply under direct sunlight.

Material, ready-to-use, is applied to the surface with a wide brush or spray. Apply in two layers. The direction of deposition of each layer must be perpendicular to the previous one. The time interval between coats of at least 5 hours. As the gain between the layers, you can use fiberglass mesh.

Between the layers you want to use the optical fiber as the gain.

After application protect surface from adverse weather conditions such as direct sunlight, strong wind, high air temperature (above 35 ° C), rain and frost.


White, cream

Shelf life

12 months in unopened packaging original packaging


Kit 20 kg (16 kg 4 kg)


1.4 – 1.5 kg/m2 (at a thickness of 1 mm)

Application time between coats

5 hours

Full drying time

24 - 36 hours


1.60 ± 0.05 kg/l

The viability of the solution

35 minutes

The bond strength with concrete

2.0 N/mm2

Strength of adhesion with metal

> 1.5 N/mm2


Tensile strength

2.0 N/mm2