Water repellent Teknosil

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Water repellent Teknosil

Water repellent insulating material for the protection of all types of mineral surfaces.


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Teknosil - silane-siloxane water repellent insulating material with a solvent for the protection of all types of mineral surfaces from the effects of external factors.


  • hydrophobization of facades
  • poorly absorbent surfaces made of concrete, marble, granite, slate
  • porous surfaces - brick, concrete, travertine
  • protection against atmospheric influences of historical monuments and monuments


  • high penetrating ability
  • reduces the effects of the atmosphere
  • resistant to alkalis and UV - rays
  • water-based, vapor-permeable
  • improves the strength characteristics of the surface
  • contains solvent

Usage instructions

Surface for application should be cleaned from any oils, rust, mold, detergents, and other substances that prevent adhesion. If the surface has cracks or grooves, they must be repaired with appropriate repair solutions Teknorep.

The material is ready to use and requires no dilution with other substances. The material should be applied by roller, brush or sprayer. The amount of time between coats at least 4 hours.

After application protect surface from adverse weather conditions such as direct sunlight, strong wind, high air temperature (above 35 ° C), rain and frost until fully cured. Immediately after application equipment must be cleaned with solvent.

Remarks / Restrictions:

  • Follow the safety regulations. Use gloves, masks, goggles when using the product
  • To avoid contact with skin and contact with eyes
  • Do not apply on PVC and metal surfaces
  • Do not add water or other foreign matter in the material




Bank - 1 l

Shelf life

12 months in unopened original packaging


150-200 g/m2


1.0 ± 0.1 kg/l

Drying time

45 - 60 minutes

Operating temperature

-25 °C - 80 °C