Microbutton Granito Wall

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Microbutton Granito Wall

Granito Wall material for walls and ceilings cement-based, which includes the fraction of marble chips.


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Microbutton Granito Wall is a modern finishing material based on cement, which includes the fraction of marble chips.


  • Used as a decorative design for walls and ceilings in rooms (in the style of Industrial, HighTech, Loft).
  • Can be used in rooms with high humidity (bathrooms, kitchens) provided that surface protection is provided in accordance with the instructions for use (microcement coating of protective varnish).
  • Enhances the strength characteristics of the surfaces.

The features and benefits

  • One-component.
  • Has excellent adhesion even on completely smooth surfaces.
  • Increases resistance to surface wear.
  • It is convenient to apply on curved surfaces.
  • The desired color can be obtained by staining dyes for cement mixtures.

Usage instructions

Surface for application must be solid, clean, dry and not to contain extraneous substances. The surface should not have cracks or other damage. If there are areas in the form of cracks and cavities on surface should be repaired with suitable repair solutions (Teknorep 300 and Teknorep 300EX).

Granito Wall is applied to the surface prepared as specified in the instructions for applying 2 or 3 layers, steel trowel, maintaining a break between the layers (12-24 hours). Glossing with a trowel during the seizure. Produce polishing the dried surface is not necessary, if in the process of setting you've done zilanawala. After full curing, the surface is treated with a fixing polyurethane impregnation. In high humidity areas or where you plan contact with water microcemento – the surface is coated with a protective polyurethane varnish. The paint is applied in 1-2 layers.

The mixing solution is performed using a low speed electric mixer to obtain a homogeneous mixture. Water is added to the bucket in the desired proportions in accordance with the consistency. If you want coloration, it is recommended to add dye to the water in the mix. Then the powder material is added slowly, stirring continued until a homogeneous mixture. Leave on for 1 - 3 minutes for ripening of the mortar, mix again before applying.

Notes on application / Limitations

  • The surface should be protected from water within one day after application. Do not clean the surface of microcement abrasive materials.
  • In the case of surfaces with a ceramic coating, the necessary reinforcement of the grid.


White, gray

Shelf life

12 months in dry environment in unopened container


23,5 kg bag

Application temperature

5 °C - 35 °C

The pot life of the solution

30 minutes

The thickness of the coating

2-4 mm

Curing time

12-24 hours


1,00 - 1,20 kg/m2 (for 1 mm layer)

Compressive strength (TS EN 13813)

15 N/mm2

Flexural strength (TS EN 13813)

1.5 N/mm2

Adhesion to concrete

1.5 N/mm2 (28 days)

Temperature resistance

-30 °C - 80 °C

The fire resistance class (EN 13501-1)