Chemical anchor Teknobond 400

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Chemical anchor Teknobond 400

Used on vertical and horizontal surfaces and used in all types of anchoring, setting and repair work.


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Two-component high strength epoxy material with thixotropic consistency, specially designed for use on vertical and horizontal surfaces and used in all types of anchoring, setting and repair work.


  • Constructive repair of concrete and cracks.
  • Fill holes and voids.
  • Used for bonding materials such as tile, granite, polished to the surfaces.
  • For filling joints and repairing static cracks.
  • Fixing dowels and bolts.
  • Gluing together parts of concrete, stone, metal, wood, precast concrete, epoxy parts, polyester, glass, PVC, CTP.
  • Bonding of metal profiles to each other and the concrete.
  • Gluing floor and wall tiles of ceramic, natural stone, granite and marble.


• Very easy to apply.
• Water and gas tight.
• Resistant to chemicals and abrasion.
• Has excellent adhesion to concrete.
• Quickly becomes the mechanical strength.
• Does not shrink.


Application surface should be dry and free from dust, loose particles, residues of cement, oils and fats. The base concrete must have sufficient compressive strength (minimum 25 N / mm2) a tensile strength at least 1.5 N / mm2.

Surface preparation: the Holes must be at least 4 mm wider than the diameter of the inserted material. Anchor inserts should be ribbed, dry, free of oil and rust.
For mixing, add part B into part A and mix using a mixer on low speed until a uniform consistency and color.

The prepared mixture should be used within 30 minutes.

The maximum thickness of one layer shall not exceed 30 mm.

Color(A B)


Mix ratio

3:1( by weight)

The density of the mixture

~ 1,60 g/cm3


5 kg set


12 months in unopened packaging

The primary gripe

< 24

The life time of the mixture

~ 30 minutes( 20°C)

Full time setting

7 days


~0,100 kg required for fixing of ribbed iron diameter 16 mm 20 mm diameter hole.

Compressive strength

>75 N /mm2

Flexural strength

>25 N/mm2

Adhesion to concrete

>4 N/ mm2

Adhesion to steel

>3,0 N/ mm2

Operating temperature

-15°C to 90°C