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Self-leveling repair compound Rapid Teknogrout

Ultra-fast self-leveling repair compound. Start curing in 5 minutes, does not shrink.

600 uah
Wholesale price 510 uah from 10 bag

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Teknogrout Rapid – ultra-fast self-leveling repair compound. Start curing in 5 minutes, does not shrink.


  • Repair of horizontal surfaces and surfaces of hydraulic structures, tunnels, bridges, port facilities, including those operated (set strength for 1 hours)
  • For structural repair of horizontal concrete and reinforced concrete structures
  • The creation of wear-resistant waterproof coatings.
  • Repair of industrial floors and car parks
  • Repair of industrial floors and surfaces, restoring the surface of industrial sites and roads with concrete pavement
  • Repair of coating of roads, Parking lots and sidewalks


  • Forms a strong, durable, waterproof durable finish.
  • Commissioning in an hour after installation
  • Contains additives to compensate for shrinkage of the material.
  • Ultra-fast curing.
  • High adhesion to concrete and metal.
  • Resistance in aggressive exposure to chlorides, sulphates, sulphides, oils and their derivatives.
  • Contains corrosion inhibitors to the rebar
  • Environmentally safe, approved for use in the repair of structures in contact with drinking water.
  • Does not contain any substances that promote corrosion of reinforcement.

Usage instructions

Clean the surface from subproceso concrete, all kinds of dirt, laitance, corrosion products, oils, petroleum products and other substances can reduce the adhesion of the stacked repair composition to the substrate. Visible cracks, seams, seams, interfacing to embroider in the form of a U-shape with a widening in the depth dimension is not less than 20x20 mm. in the presence of surface active leaks, it is necessary to implement measures to eliminate them. Existing rebar to be cleaned from corrosion products. If necessary, treat pestiviruses compositions. In the case of significant destruction and damage to fixtures to fulfil its strengthening or replacement. Give the surface the required roughness. The surface on which is placed the composition must be clean, durable (compressive strength not less than 15 MPa, the gap is not less than 1.5 MPa), roughened, dust-free and humidified to saturation, but not wet.

When performing work in hot and dry weather, the time of moistening should be increased (up to 3 days). If necessary, for the purpose of increasing the adhesion of stacked mixture and for highly porous surfaces recommended treatment base vysokoobrazovannym composition. In the case of application of the repair composition on the grid, it's mounted at a distance of 10-20 mm from the surface. The metal mesh is recommended to treat pestiviruses compositions.

For preparation of working solution per 1 kg of dry mix will require 130-160 ml of water. Thus, per package (25 kg bag) is required of 3.00-4.00 l of water.

Pour into a container of clean tap water in the minimum recommended quantity. Turn on mixer and slowly, without interruption add the dry mixture. Stirring is carried out at low speed (400-500 rpm) for 3-4 min until a homogeneous mixture is obtained. To sustain the composition for 1-2 minutes and mix again for 2-3 min., If necessary, to obtain the desired consistency, before re-mixing, add more water, do not exceed the recommended quantity. Note that the water content can vary slightly depending on ambient temperature and relative humidity, and temperature of water used for kneading and the temperature of the dry mixture.

When performing work in hot and dry weather (above 25°C) is recommended for mixing only cold water and to provide storage bags with the material before use in most cool conditions, avoiding exposure to direct sunlight.

Optimally in hot and dry weather, work early in the morning or in the evening. The material is allowed to apply by hand using a trowel and spatula. The optimum coating thickness for one pass from 10 mm to 40 mm. In the case of a greater depth of destruction, the composition is placed in layers. Alignment and smoothing of the damage is done, when he began to get to grips with using a plastering float. In the production process of the works to restore the initial workability it is recommended that periodic mixing of the composition.

Recommendations for the use of

Fresh composition must be protected from exposure to atmospheric precipitation, wind, direct sunlight. In the process of curing material should provide moisture care coverage: using absorbent materials (e.g., burlap), periodic water spray or special film-forming materials. In hot, dry and windy weather and humidity care should be increased to 3 days.

  • Do not use material on frozen grounds, on grounds with stagnant water, the presence of condensation.
  • It is not recommended mixing manually in order to prevent the introduction of excess water.
  • It is not recommended to use mixers of the gravity type for the preparation of the composition.
  • Do not use the material on smooth surfaces.
  • It is not recommended to use the material outside of the recommended temperature range without special arrangements.
  • The flowable material is applied only for horizontal surfaces. In case you need to use on vertical elements - use the formwork, or use any material from the thixotropic series TeknoRep.
  • It is not allowed to add extra water in the working mixture, if the material is already beginning to set. The loss of initial workability during use, it is recommended that periodic mixing of the composition.
  • In the repair of weak bases with low strength characteristics, as well as in case of other issues please consult our technical specialists.

Cleaning tool is made immediately after completion of the work. Hardened material can only be removed mechanically. Classified as non-combustible materials. Is a highly alkaline product. When work must use protective clothing, gloves, respirators and goggles. In contact with skin and eyes immediately rinse with water.



Shelf life

12 months in unopened original packaging


25 kg bag

The size of the granules of the mixture

≤3 mm

Application temperature

( 5 °C) - ( 35 °C)

The amount of water for mortar

3-4 l per 25 kg

The density of the mixture

2.3 kg/l

The flow rate of the mixture (thickness 1 mm)

2.1 kg/m2

Initial setting time

5 minutes

The retention time of workability

2.5 minutes

Curing time

1 hour

The thickness of the coating

10-40 mm

Compressive strength (1 hour)

16 N/mm2

Compressive strength (24 hours)

35 N/mm2

Compressive strength (28 days)

65 N/mm2