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Decorative plaster RAIN Teknodeko Cizgili

One-component moisture-resistant decorative plaster of white color.

325 uah
Wholesale price 276.25 uah from 10 bag

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Teknodeko Cizgili is a one-component moisture-resistant decorative plaster rain based on white cement, reinforced with polymers, for exterior decoration.

Application areas:

  • For decorative coating of concrete surfaces
  • For work on vertical, horizontal and ceiling surfaces
  • For use on any mineral surfaces
  • For decorative coating of exterior thermal insulation systems of facades
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • For residential premises, shopping centers, hospitals

Properties of decorative plaster:

  • Easy to use
  • When applied with straight or circular movements, it creates a different pattern
  • It has high resistance to any climatic conditions
  • Moisture-resistant
  • Prevents the accumulation of excessive moisture
  • Corrects surface defects
  • Durable
  • Incombustible
  • Vapor permeating
  • It is possible to apply paint over plaster when applied externally

Instructions for use:

  • Before applying the material, clean the surface from any types of oil, rust, detergents, dirt and other substances that prevent setting.
  • If there are cracks or cavities on the surface– they must be sealed with Teknorep cement mixtures.
  • Before applying the material, the surface should be slightly moistened.
  • When working in hot weather, it is recommended to use the Teknolatex 400 primer beforehand.
  • Pour 5, 75 - 6.25 liters of clean cold water into a clean container. Slowly pour the dry Teknodeko Cizgili mixture (25 kg) into a container with water and use a low-speed mixer to knead the composition for at least 10 minutes until a homogeneous mass is obtained. Leave the resulting mixture for 5 minutes, then mix again. The amount of water required for mixing the mixture depends on weather conditions.
  • An equal amount of water should be used for each new batch of the mixture. Otherwise, you can get a different shade.
  • The finished mixture should be applied within 2 hours, depending on weather conditions.
  • Within 2 hours, the mixture should be evenly applied to the surface with a steel spatula, scraping off excess material from the surface to obtain a layer of the required thickness. After that, a pattern should be made within 10 minutes. 
  • The pattern is applied in circular movements using a plastic or polyurethane spatula to obtain a fine-grained texture.
  • The material should be applied continuously to the surface to achieve a uniform layer.


  • Do not add water to the already mixed material.
  • It is recommended to use a white primer before applying white decorative plaster.
  • It is necessary to cover the surface with Teknodeko Cizgili plaster in 2 layers to increase resistance to external influences and contamination, as well as to prevent the production of a coating with different shades.
  • The consumption of plaster depends on the pattern.
  • The work should be carried out at an air temperature from 5 °C to 35 ° C. When applying plaster at a reduced (below 5 ° C) or elevated (above 35 ° C) temperature, it is necessary to cover the surface with a thermal insulation material.
  • The product may cause irritation if it gets on the skin. It is necessary to use work clothes, protective gloves, a mask and glasses. Before starting work, you can also apply a protective cream on your hands. In case of contact with the eyes, rinse the eyes immediately with warm water and consult a doctor.
  • After applying the mixture for 12 hours, the surface should be protected from adverse weather conditions, such as direct sunlight, strong wind, high air temperature (more than 35 ° C), rain and frost.
  • Paint can be applied to the surface, but not earlier than 7 days after applying the plaster. When applying dark paints, it is necessary to use a paint primer.
  • The tools and equipment used must be washed with warm water immediately after use.
Colour White
Expiration date 12 months in the closed original packaging
Packaging 25 kg bag
Application temperature 5 °C - 35 °C
The ratio of the components of the mixture 5.75 - 6.25 water / 25 kg powder
The size of the granules of the filler 3 mm (class S 4)
Vapor permeability V1
Water resistance W3
Fire resistance A1