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Teknoizosıva plaster mix

A cement-based mixture reinforced with polymer fibers for plastering heat and sound insulation boards.

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Teknoizosıva is a cement-based plaster mixture reinforced with polymer fibers, which increases the strength of the surface. It is used for plastering heat and sound insulation boards (expanded polystyrene, mineral wool).

Product Advantages:

  • Easy to apply
  • Elastic
  • Breathable
  • Incombustible
  • You can apply paint over plaster
  • It has high and long-term resistance to any climatic conditions
  • Absorbs stresses and vibrations that occur due to temperature differences, minimizes the risk of cracking of the plastered surface

Scope of application:

  • For external thermal insulation system
  • Plastering of concrete, gas and foam concrete, hollow blocks inside and outside the premises
  • For residential premises, shopping malls and other facilities
  • For horizontal, vertical and ceiling surfaces
  • For all types of reinforced concrete engineering structures

Surface preparation:

Before applying the material, clean the surface from any types of oil, rust, detergents, dirt and other substances that reduce adhesion.
If there are cracks or cavities on the surface, they must be sealed with suitable Teknorep repair mixtures.
The gaps between the thermal insulation plates should be filled with small pieces cut from the same material.
Before plastering thermal insulation boards, they should be fixed with facade dowels, adhering to the manufacturer's recommendations and application technology.  
To achieve the ideal appearance of the plastered surface, facade dowels should not protrude and/or be recessed into thermal insulation plates.
After the work on fixing the thermal insulation plates is completed, you can start applying the Teknoizosiva plaster mixture. 

Preparation and application:

Pour 6-7 liters of clean water into a clean container. Pour the dry Teknoizosıva mixture (25 kg) into a container with water and use a low-speed mixer to knead the composition for at least 5 minutes until a homogeneous mass is obtained. Leave the resulting mixture for 3 minutes, then re-mix it with a mixer for another 2 minutes.

The work should be carried out at an air temperature of 5 to 30 ° C. To apply the material, it is recommended to use spatulas and plaster poluterki. After removing the excess solution, the surface should be rubbed with horizontal, vertical or circular movements, without wetting with water.

Recommendations for use:

After applying the material, the surface must be protected from temperatures below 5 °C and above 35 ° C, direct sunlight, strong wind and rain.

If the ambient and/or surface temperature is above 25 ° C, the surface should be wetted with regular spraying of water (without pressure) to prevent rapid loss of water from the solution and ensure the necessary setting of the plaster mixture.

When applied to mineral wool plates, it is necessary to ensure that the plates are dry and have sufficient strength.

The decorative plaster mixture can be applied no earlier than 1 day after applying Teknoizosıva.

After use, the tool must be cleaned immediately with water. After the solution has cured, it can only be cleaned mechanically.

The material may cause irritation if it gets on the skin. It is necessary to use work clothes, protective gloves, a mask and glasses. Before starting work, you can also apply a protective cream on your hands. In case of contact with the eyes, they should be immediately rinsed with warm water and consult a doctor.




25 kg craft bag

Shelf life

12 months in the closed original packaging

Application temperature

5 °C - 30 °C

Proportions of the mixture

6-7 liters of water per 25 kg of dry mix

Life time of the mixture

3 hours

Density of the mixture

~ 1.6 kg/l


Styrofoam plate:  4.1 - 4.6 kg/m2

Mineral Wool Plate:  5.2 - 6.3 kg/m2

Adhesion strength to the insulation plate

≥0.08 N/mm2

Fire safety class


Teknoizosıva plaster mix

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