Concrete and concrete products


Primer acrylic Teknolatex 300

High-viscosity one-component primer based on acrylic emulsion with good adhesion and water resistance.

Cement mix Tekno Ad

Special cement mix that promotes adhesion of the old concrete with a new surface, contains corrosion inhibitors.

Antifreeze additive Teknoantifriz

Supplement provides high quality concrete due to the acceleration of setting at low temperature.

Universal primer 100 Teknolatex

One-component multi-purpose primer based on acrylic Teknolatex 100.

Primer for concrete surfaces Teknolatex 200

Primer based on acrylic dispersion for concrete surfaces for gypsum and plaster.

Plaster primer Teknolatex 200 Gross

Plaster primer based on dispersion, synthetic resin.

Primer for decorative plaster Teknolatex 400

Acrylic one-component primer for decorative plaster.

Waterproofing additive Teknolatex 500

Acrylic emulsion improves the adhesion of materials in the repair of damaged surfaces.

Waterproofing additive Tekno 1

Liquid waterproofing additive for concrete.

Superplasticizer for concrete Teknoflow Hyper

Plasticizer to the concrete increases the strength development at the early stage of maturation of the solution

Air-entraining agent Teknoflow Super

Superplasticizer based on naphthalenesulfonate, improves ductility and strength of concrete.

The dry additive Powder Teknogunit

Dry the accelerating additive for concrete used in shotcrete.

Retardant additive in concrete Teknoretarder

Supplement slow the hardening of concrete.

Water-repelling additive Teknomer 120

Concrete products gives protection against positive and negative water pressure.