Plastic sheets for formwork

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Plastic sheets for formwork

Plastic sheets usable for horizontal and vertical formwork.


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Plastic sheets for horizontal and vertical formwork – this sheet material is reusable for formwork. Used for pouring slabs, footings and columns. The shields are made of durable plastic and feature a large number of cycles of re-use.


  • Shields tight joint to joint, creating a platform for pouring the floor slabs
  • The panels have special holes for different type of attachment and connection, if necessary, be closed by special plugs
  • It will not require any lubricant for formwork, the boards do not stick to the concrete
  • Easy to cut with a hand or circular saw if necessary
  • 6 plastic sheets of plywood in size occupy a space of about 1 sheet of plain plywood, while having much less weight
  • To 200 cycles of re-use
  • Easy to clean, does not require special detergents and cleaning products
  • Do not require special storage conditions, moisture resistant
  • Resistance against construction chemicals, external factors and weather conditions
  • Shields made of durable plastic, resistant to drops and shocks
  • The surface of the product can be made in other colors with different patterns and textures
  • Can be made in different colors

Dimensions (mm)

1000 × 500 × 36


PVC plastic

Weight of 1 plate (kg)