Adhesives and sealants


Chemical anchor Teknobond 401S

Two-component thixotropic epoxy fast-curing anchoring adhesive.

Chemical anchor Teknobond 400P

Water-resistant two-component, thixotropic, quick-drying hibanker.

Chemical anchor Teknobond 401W

Water-resistant two-component, thixotropic, quick-drying hibanker.

Mechanical gun for the cartridge 345 and 360 ml

Mechanical gun for two component cartridges with a volume of 345 and 360 ml.

Mechanical gun for cartridges 410 ml

Mechanical gun for two component cartridges with a volume of 410 ml.

Two-component adhesive Teknobond 220

Two-component adhesive instant action for bonding stone, marble and granite.

Teknofay C1T Tile Adhesive (grey)

Tile adhesive cement based, with high adhesion strength.

Heat-resistant adhesive TEKNOFAY FLEX C2TE S1

Glue for gluing all types of ceramic tiles, porcelain, granite, marble, natural stone and clinker tiles, and bricks to various types of bases.

Fast-hardening adhesive for Teknofay Rapid C1FT Tile

Fast-hardening, highly effective, elastic cement-based adhesive solution with zero vertical sliding.

Tile adhesive Teknofay Plus C1TE

Adhesive for high-strength tiles, reinforced with polymer.

Adhesive for tiles, marble and granite Teknofay EX

Adhesive with high strength adhesive for bonding porcelain, ceramic, granite, marble, briquettes, etc.

Grout for tiles Teknoderz Ex

Water-repellent elastic polymer grout for grouting ceramic tiles, marble and granite.

Teknofay 200 tile adhesive

Ready-to-use adhesive based on an emulsion polymer with an extended working time.

Teknobond 250 acrylic glue

Water-based acrylic adhesive for PVC and linoleum floor coverings.

Polyurethane sealant for joints

Teknpolyderz 1K is a polyurethane one-component elastic sealant for filling joints.

Polyurethane glue for wood Tekno Deniz Tutkali

One-component polyurethane adhesive for fast-acting wood for use on vertical and horizontal surfaces.

Polyurethane sealant for seams Teknopoliderz 2K

Two-component polyurethane self-leveling elastomeric bitumen modified joint sealant.

Tekno PU Liquid Nails

Polyurethane glue liquid nails for gluing building materials: concrete, metal, wood, marble, ceramics, expanded polystyrene, etc.