Fast-hardening adhesive for Teknofay Rapid C1FT Tile

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Fast-hardening adhesive for Teknofay Rapid C1FT Tile

Fast-hardening, highly effective, elastic cement-based adhesive solution with zero vertical sliding.

600 uah
Wholesale price 510 uah from 10 bag

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Teknofay Rapid glue C1FT is a fast-hardening, highly effective, elastic cement-based adhesive solution with zero vertical sliding.

Scope of application: laying of tiles, mosaics, porcelain stoneware and natural stone of large and extra-large format on:

  • Floor, walls and ceiling
  • Gypsum plaster, gypsum panels, aerated concrete and open concrete
  • It is used for gluing ceramics, porcelain stoneware, natural stone, etc.
  • Ideal for use in places that need to be put into operation during the day
  • When gluing tiles with increased water absorption (for example, some types of natural stone or hand-formed clinker tiles)

Features and benefits:

  • The surface is ready for pedestrian loads in 3-5 hours after laying the tiles
  • Grouting of joints after 4 hours
  • Thixotropic (prevents heavy tiles from sliding on vertical and inclined surfaces)
  • It is easy to prepare and apply
  • Resistant to water, moisture
  • Heat-resistant

Instructions for use:

Surface preparation: the surface must be clean, smooth, firm, and even. The surface should be cleaned of dust and dirt, and damaged areas should be repaired with TEKNOREP. There should be no oil, dirt and rust residues on the surface. If the solution is applied to marble, ceramics or a slab, the surface should be roughened. The concrete floor needs to be moistened, but so that there are no puddles on the surface.
Mixing: Pour 6.0-7.5 liters of water into a clean container, in which there are no residues of materials that prevent adhesion. Teknofay Rapid is delivered in bags of 25 kg in the form of powder, the powder is added to a container with water. The solution is mixed with a mixer at low speeds until a homogeneous mixture without lumps is obtained. The mixing time is at least 5 minutes. Leave the solution obtained at the end of the process alone for 3 minutes, then mix it again for 2 minutes until it becomes homogeneous.
Application: The tile cleaned of dirt (moisten, if necessary, clean from dust) is laid on the applied solution for 15 minutes (until the solution sets on the surface) and pressed to ensure good contact with the glue (preferably pressed with a rubber hammer).

Restrictions and special conditions:

The product may cause irritation if it gets on the skin. Work clothes, protective gloves, a mask and glasses should be used. A protective cream can be applied to the hand before starting work. If the solution gets into your eyes, immediately rinse your eyes with warm water and consult a doctor.
If the ambient temperature is below ( ) 5°C, it is necessary to protect the surface from frost.
At temperatures above ( ) 35°C, the surface must be protected from sudden loss of water. After 24 hours after applying Teknofay Rapid, you should start filling the seams.
Do not add foreign substances
After application, it is necessary to protect the surface from adverse weather conditions, such as direct sunlight, strong wind, high air temperature (more than 35°C), rain and frost. Cleaning should be carried out with water before Teknofay Rapid completely hardens. Immediately after application, wash your hands and face thoroughly with warm water and soap.
The equipment should be rinsed with water immediately after application, before the solution hardens.

Packaging and storage:

Store in the closed original packaging in a cool and dry place, protected from freezing.

Naimenuvannya ostavnik

Normative value

Zovnishny wiglyad

Sodium powder

Zberigannya in a dry dark warehouse, with a temperature range of 5 up to the maximum ... 35C, Vologda is not more than 80%

12 misyatsiv


Mishok 25 kg

Temperature range zastosuvannya, °C

5… 30

Proportions of the snake

6.0 - 7.5 water / 25 kg powder

The hour of life is sumi

30 xb.

Vidkritiy hour

10-20 xb.

Zatirannya shviv

Year 4.

Temperature range of operation

(-40 ° C) - ( 80 ° C)

Stikist to spovzannya

≤ 0.5 mm

Cob mechanichny navantazhen through

3-5 year. - for pishohidnih downloads;

 year 8. - on pidlozi;

3 year. - on stini

Miznist kleovogo z'ednannya:



Pislya vitrimuvannya in the dry middle

≥ 1.0 N/mm2

Pislya vitrimuvannya u vodnomu seredovishchi

≥ 1.0 N/mm2

Pislya vitrimuvannya at specotny seredovishchi

≥ 1.0 N/mm2

Pislya cyclichnogo frostvannya i vidtavannya

≥ 1.0 N/mm2

Class of pozhezhno reaktsii






Shilnist sumishi

Vitrate powder per 1 m2

Kilkist vodi for zamishuvannya, l

25 kg mishok

~ 1.70

3 - 5

6,0 - 7,5