Two-component adhesive Teknobond 220

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Two-component adhesive Teknobond 220

Two-component adhesive instant action for bonding stone, marble and granite.

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Two-component adhesive quick actions for stone, marble and granite based on unsaturated polyester resin - Teknobond 220. Specially designed for fastening items of marble and granite to each other and vertical fixing plates made of marble on the external surfaces of buildings.


When using marble and granite for:

  • Fabrication products
  • Processing arches, columns
  • The bonding of the plates to each other
  • Repair and restoration work
  • Mounting on vertical surfaces

Features and benefits:

  • High adhesion
  • Fast curing
  • Easy to apply
  • Well polished
  • It has a uniform color
  • The lifespan of a mixture of 3-4 min.
  • Time of surface treatment is 10-15 min.
  • Full cure is achieved in 2-3 hours

Instructions for use:

To remove the weak surface layer of marble, granite or concrete, using a wire brush. Mix the resin and hardener in a container until a homogeneous mass. 3% hardener (relative to the weight of the resin) and mix with resin. If the weather temperature is low, use 1-2% of the curing agent relative to the mass of the resin. Kneading to spend over a period of ≤1 minute. Then immediately apply the mixture on the marble and press it to the surface.

For mixing use a clean plastic or metal plate, and flexible spreader putty.




1,75 ± 0,05 gr/Ml


1200 g kit with hardener

Storage conditions

9 months from date of manufacture in unopened original packaging

The life time of the mixture with 3% of curing agent

2-3 minutes (20°C)

Complete drying

7 days

Hardness (shore — D) (24 hours)


Temperature range of application

5°C to 35°C

Adhesive force (to concrete)

>2 N/mm2

Mix ratio

3% hardener by weight of resin

Two-component adhesive Teknobond 220

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