Chemical anchor Teknobond 401S

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Chemical anchor Teknobond 401S

Two-component thixotropic epoxy fast-curing anchoring adhesive.

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Two-component thixotropic epoxy fast-curing anchoring adhesive Teknobond 401S.


  • Mounting fittings and threaded studs.
  • Used in solid and hollow grounds.
  • Bonding editions of main reinforcement in the capacity of the Foundation, connecting walls, floor slabs.
  • Fixing bolts and special fasteners.
  • Installation of a roof, balcony blocks, gates, gazebos.
  • The installation of heavy equipment (batteries, air conditioning systems and ventilation systems, pipes).
  • For bonding in the construction.

Features and benefits:

  • Quick curing and strength development.
  • High resistance to vibration.
  • Does not create a voltage at the base.
  • Can be used at low temperatures.
  • Suitable for threaded fasteners and fittings
  • Withstands high loads.
  • Has a high resistance to chemicals.
  • Protects equipment from corrosion.
  • Forms a tight and durable connection.


Instructions for application:

Application surface should be cleaned of dust, dirt, loose particles, residues of cement mortar, oils and fats. The concrete substrate must be clean, durable and have sufficient compressive strength.

Application surface should be cleaned by using compressed air for maximum bond strength.

The surface temperature and the environment must be min 5 ° C 35 ° C max.

In order to open the lid, turn it off. Then set a static mixer. Place the cartridge into the gun and start to spray. When you stop the application process, the tip of the static mixer can be left in the cartridge after the pressure in the sprayer will be launched. If in a static mixer resin hardened, before starting work, you must install the new insert. When storing open the print cartridge remove the static mixer, turning it, wipe the neck of the cartridge with a clean dry cloth, and close the lid.

Application method: Drill a hole of required diameter and depth with a punch. The diameter and depth of the hole should match the size used anchor element. The hole should be cleaned from the inside of a round wire brush and compressed air. Then hold the trigger until the two separate components of the cartridge has not come out of the static mixer. Slowly pull out the toner cartridge, filling the hole with resin starting from the bottom of the hole. Make sure that inside there are no air gaps.

In deep holes, you can use an extension cord. Rotate the anchor when you paste it. If a certain amount of resin left, the anchor element should be placed in a hole in a period of gelation of the resin. During tempering in any case you cannot move or load the anchor element. During application, use working clothes, goggles, and protective gloves. Material components should not contact with skin and eyes, in case of contact, immediately wash with plenty of soap and water.


410 ml cartridge

Storage conditions

12 months in closed original packaging

The life time of the mixture

~ 7-10 minutes (20°C)

Complete drying

7 days

The time of re-application

1 hour at 20°C


0 °C to 80 °C

Pressure strength

60-70 N / mm2

Adhesive force (to concrete)

≥4 N/mm2

Flexural strength

18-20 N/ mm2

Strength pulling

≤ 0.6 mm (under 75 kN load)


In accordance with the TS EN 1504-6

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What building materials can a chemical anchor be used with
What building materials can a chemical anchor be used with

Thixotropic chemical anchor is a polymer mixture that quickly sets and securely fixes threaded studs, anchors and other elements of the fastening system.

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Chemical anchor Teknobond 401S

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