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Tekno PU Liquid Nails

Polyurethane glue liquid nails for gluing building materials: concrete, metal, wood, marble, ceramics, expanded polystyrene, etc.

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One-component polyurethane adhesive Tekno PU liquid nails - fast action with high adhesion for gluing most building materials together (concrete, metal, wood, marble, ceramics, expanded polystyrene).

Areas of use:

  • Bonding of many building materials such as concrete, metal, wood, marble, ceramics and expanded polystyrene
  • When gluing window sills, door sills, stairs, sides, skirting boards, panels, board paneling and prefabricated elements
  • For indoor and outdoor work
  • When gluing porous and non-porous materials
  • For horizontal and vertical surfaces


Features and Benefits:

  • It has high adhesion strength
  • It has low fluidity 
  • Can be applied to wet surfaces
  • Quickly grasps
  • Easy to apply
  • Water Resistant
  • Odorless, solvent-free

Instructions for use:

Surface preparation:

  • The surface must be cleaned of all kinds of substances that prevent adhesion, dust, dirt and oil, as well as weak parts.


  • Cut off the tip of the cartridge above the screw, screw the nozzle and cut off its tip in accordance with the required seam width. Use a gun to apply glue to the surface in strips or dots. Press the surfaces that need to be glued to each other tightly and fix them in this position until completely dry. One of the bonding surfaces must be porous, since the curing of the glue occurs due to the evaporation of moisture from it.

Notes/restrictions on use:

Store at a temperature not higher than 35°C and not lower than -10°C

Do not use for bonding nylon, ABS, PTFE, polyethylene, polypropylene surfaces.


Light brown


280 ml plastic cartridge




1.15 g/ml


15-20 min

Complete drying

24 hours

Storage temperature

35 °C  -  10 °C

Consumption (for a seam of 5 mm)

280 ml per 10-12 m