Teknofay 200 tile adhesive

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Teknofay 200 tile adhesive

Ready-to-use adhesive based on an emulsion polymer with an extended working time.

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TEKNOFAY 200 glue is ready-to-use, paste-like type with high performance characteristics based on an emulsion polymer with an extended working time. It is used for gluing ceramic tiles and mosaics with high moisture absorption on walls, floors, ceilings inside and outside premises. It is especially recommended for elastic bases and bases subject to deformation. It is ideal for arranging bases in places with high humidity, except for tanks, constantly filling with water.

Scope of application:

  • Walls and floors of bathrooms and showers
  • Wooden surfaces (provided they are stable to moisture, for example, water-resistant plywood is well glued), lime plasters and bases
  • Walls made of precast or monolithic concrete
  • Gypsum plasters or substrates
  • Drywall
  • Painted wall surfaces (provided that the paint is stable and the tiles are adsorbed)
  • Existing ceramic tiles (provided that one of the surfaces is adsorbed)
  • Large tile floor and walls
  • Insulation material on top of plasters
  • Ceramic tiles on top of heated screeds

Features and benefits:
Long working time with the mixture
It does not have an unpleasant smell
It does not slip on vertical surfaces
The humidity level does not affect the operation
APPLICATION Surface quality: The application surface must be cleaned of materials that prevent adhesion, such as dust, oil, resin and detergent. Weak parts should be dismantled and the surface should be cleaned with compressed air.
The material should be mixed before starting the application. In order to strengthen the adhesion, the glue should be distributed over the surface with the flat part of the spatula, and then run over it with the toothed part of the spatula, selected according to the size of the tile, in one direction.
The tile should be attached to the solution for 30 minutes, preferably using a rubber hammer. This period can be shortened in case of unsuitable environmental conditions, such as high temperature, strong wind or low humidity.
If the glue has expired when applying, the glue is removed from the surface and a new layer is applied. To test it, the fingers are pressed on a surface covered with TEKNOFAY 200. If the glue sticks to your fingers, you can continue gluing. If the fingers are clean, it means that the time for applying the glue has passed.
Storage conditions: The material should be stored in the closed original packaging at a temperature from 5 ° C to 23 ° C and away from direct sunlight, in a cool, dry environment, protected from freezing.
Packing: 5 kg. plastic bucket.
RESTRICTIONS AND SPECIAL CONDITIONS When applying to painted surfaces, it is necessary to check for the stability of the paint, remove the swollen parts.
When applying tiles with low water absorption, such as granite, preference should be given to the adhesive solution Teknofay EX or Teknofay Flex.
The packaging should be tightly closed when not in use.
Hands and tools should be washed with plenty of water after application. The surfaces should be cleaned with a damp cloth.
Avoid direct contact of the tiles glued with Teknofay 200 with water for at least 10 days.
When applying ceramics to old ceramics, the drying time of the product can be 1-2 weeks, depending on the environmental conditions and the size of the ceramics.

Naimenuvannya ostavnik

Normative value


Bila pasta


Vidro 5 kg

Umovi zberigannya      

12 misyatsiv u sukhomu seredovishchi u zakritiy originalniy packaktsi


≤ 0.5 mm (EN 1308)

Adhesive strength (after 30 hv)

≥ 0.5 N/mm² (EN 1346)

Grout shviv

24-48 godin


1.5-2 kg / m2

The hour of life is sumi

30 xb

Di-range of temperatures zastosuvannya

( 5 ° C) - ( 35 ° C)

Information about efficiency

Micnist zcheplennya na zsuv (EN 1324)


- pochatkoviy (after 28 days)

≥1 N / mm2

- for the influx of heat

≥ 1 N / mm2

- pislya zanurennya at the water

≥ 0.5 N / mm2

-at the highest temperature

≥ 1 N / mm2

Range of operating temperatures (for residual solidification)

(-30 ° C) - ( 80 ° C)

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Teknofay 200 tile adhesive

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