Materials for waterproofing


Penetrating waterproofing Teknomer 100

Penetrating the waterproofing compound based on special cements and additives.

Waterproofing mixture Teknomer 200

Two-component crystallized waterproofing protective material.

Waterproofing mixture Teknomer 200 EX

Two-component elastic waterproofing protective material.

Teknoplug hydraulic seal

Repair kit for quick stop active water leaks.

Gidroplomba Teknoplug Yildirim

Repair compound for instant stop active water leaks from cracks, joints and seams.

Bitumen primer Izoplast R

Bitumen primer to create a thin insulating coatings.

Bitumastic Izoplast B

Bituminous mastic with high penetrating ability, creates a highly resistant waterproofing coating.

Bitumen-rubber mastic Izoplast Dysperbent

Bitumen-rubber mastic water-based coating creates a seamless.

Bitumastic Izoplast W-KL

Bitumen-rubber mastic, water based for light, seamless waterproofing coating and gluing of plates from polyfoam, Styrofoam.

Bitumastic Izoplast Mega-Tex

Bitumastic-based organic solvent for gluing heat-insulating and waterproofing materials.

Acrylic primer Izoplast E Nano Power

Hydrophobic primer of deep penetration based on acrylic dispersion. Used for dust control and strengthen the top layer of grounds before applying another material.

Acrylic membrane Izoplast FH Special

Acrylic waterproofing membrane based on aqueous dispersion of polymers. Waterproofing inside premises with the increased humidity under the tile materials.

The elastic membrane Izoplast Hydrolastic

Izoplast Hydrolastic two – component polymer-cement elastic waterproofing membrane.

Waterproofing mixture Teknomer 110

One-component waterproofing material based on cement prevents the penetration of water.

Waterproofing material Teknomer 200 EX W

Two-component elastic waterproofing material with high protection from UV rays.

A two-component mixture Teknomer 200 Crystallized

Two-component crystallized waterproofing and protective material.

A two-component mixture Teknomer 200 EX Crystallized

Crystallized two-component flexible waterproofing and protective material.

Acrylic waterproofing Teknomer 300

One-component elastic waterproofing material based on acrylic resin.

Acrylic waterproofing Teknomer 300 EX

One-component waterproofing material with a high elasticity based on an acrylic resin.

Primer acrylic Teknokur 100

Membranebased acrylic emulsion for the protection of fresh concrete.

Bitumen mastic, water-based Teknomer 400 W

Creates a seamless protective layer on the surface, protecting against groundwater and moisture.

Bitumen primer water based Teknomer 400

Single component bitumen mastic is used as a primer for waterproofing.

Tape for sealing joints Teknomer Pah Band 120/70

TPE elastic insulating tape for sealing construction joints.

Bituminous-rubber sealant Teknomer 400 2K

Two-component bitumen-rubber waterproofing sealant with a high ratio of fracture toughness.

Polyurethane waterproofing Teknomer 600 1K

One-component elastic polyurethane waterproofing mixture on a water basis.

Polyurethane waterproofing resistant to UV rays Teknomer 600 1K UV

A one-component polyurethane waterproofing compound resistant to UV rays.

Polyurethane waterproofing Teknomer 600 2K

Two-component elastic polyurethane waterproofing compound.

Polymeric waterproofing Teknomer 700

One-component elastic waterproofing material with UV protection.

Insulating tape Teknomer Dilatationel Band

Perforated adhesive tape with reinforcing mesh-based thermoplastic elastomer, a width of 200 mm.