A two-component mixture Teknomer 200 Crystallized

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A two-component mixture Teknomer 200 Crystallized

Two-component crystallized waterproofing and protective material.

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Waterproofing and protective solution for concrete Teknomer 200 Crystallized, consisting of a liquid component based on the emulsion polymer and a powder component based on cement containing chemical additives that increase the water resistance and workability, and can be used for negative and positive water pressure.


  • Indoors and outdoors
  • For vertical and horizontal surfaces
  • In high humidity areas such as bathrooms, showers, toilets
  • In water tanks, pools
  • When waterproofing the basement
  • In tunnels, Elevator pits
  • Applied on surfaces such as concrete, plaster, screed


The features and benefits

  • Resistance to negative and positive water pressure
  • Has a high holding capacity
  • Does not cause corrosion of reinforcement or steel
  • Can be applied on horizontal and vertical surfaces
  • Prevents carbonation of the concrete
  • Resistant to freezing-thawing
  • Easy to apply by brush, roller or spray


Instructions for use:

Surface for application should be cleaned from any oils, rust, detergents and other substances that prevent adhesion. If there are areas in the form of cracks and cavities on surface should be repaired using cement mixtures Teknorep 300 and Teknorep 300 EX. If you have an active water leak, it needs to be addressed through Teknoplug.

Before application the surface should be moistened. The liquid component should be placed in a clean container, add water proportioning for mixing, slowly add the powder mixture and mixed thoroughly with a slow speed mixer (500 rpm) for 5 minutes. Stand the solution for 3 minutes and continue mixing until a homogeneous mass.

The prepared solution should be applied to the surface in 2 or 3 layers with roller or brush. The direction of deposition of each layer must be perpendicular to the previous one. The time interval between coats of at least 3 hours. The total thickness of drawing of 3 mm will suffice. The corners and joints surface application should be sealed elastic adhesive tape for sealing construction joints Teknomer Pah Band 120/70. After application the surface should be protected from direct sunlight, frost and wind not less than 1 day.

The composition of the material

Component A: grey powder

Component B: white liquid


25 kg (A) 2 l (In)

Shelf life

12 months in dry environment in unopened container

Application temperature

( 5 ° C) - ( 35 ° C)

The pot life of the mixture

2 hours


2-2,5 kg/m2

Ready to use

7 days

Adhesive force

1,00 N / mm 2


7 Bar (positive)

4 Bar (negative)