Waterproofing mixture Teknomer 200

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Waterproofing mixture Teknomer 200

Two-component crystallized waterproofing protective material.

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Teknomer 200 - two-component waterproofing and protective material. Applied gives the surface a high resistance to positive water pressure. Creates protection from leaks and penetration of surface waters. Consists of powder component based on cement, the liquid component based on the emulsion polymer and special additives that increase the resistance of the surface.


  • on plastered surfaces or concrete structures indoors and outdoors
  • terrace
  • the foundations of buildings
  • ground floors and basements
  • pools and water tanks
  • tunnels and lift shafts
  • showers and bathrooms
  • for use on concrete, brick, plaster and screed


  • easy to apply
  • penetrates deep into concrete and masonry base
  • resistant to freeze-thaw
  • non-toxic, suitable for indoor application
  • resistant to positive water pressure
  • applied on horizontal and vertical surfaces
  • prevents carbonation in concrete
  • does not cause corrosion of metal products

The composition of the material

Component A: grey powder

Component B: white liquid

Shelf life

12 months in dry environment in unopened container


20 5 kg (A b)

Application temperature

( 5 ° C) - ( 35 ° C)

The pot life of the mixture

120 min (at 20 °C)


at least 3 days

Water resistant

5 Bar (positive)

Adhesive force

>0,8 (28 days) N/mm2

Water vapor permeability

(EN ISO 7783)

Class 1; Sd <5


-25°C - 80 °C

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Waterproofing mixture Teknomer 200

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