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Gidroplomba Teknoplug Yildirim

Repair compound for instant stop active water leaks from cracks, joints and seams.

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Teknoplug Yildirim - instantly-setting repair compound based on special cements and chemical additives for the instant stopping of active water leaks from cracks, joints, seams. You can apply without having to mix with water.


  • basements, Elevator pits
  • highway, metro, tunnels, dams
  • reservoirs, swimming pools, potable water tanks


  • easy to use for quick repairs
  • instant adhesion after contact with water
  • non-corrosive, does not contain toxic elements
  • high water resistance, frost resistance, strength
  • high adhesion to surface

Usage instructions

Surface for application should be cleaned from any oils, rust, detergents and other substances that prevent adhesion. Material Teknoplug Yildirim is a dry mix that must be mixed with water in a ratio of 200 ml per 1 kg of the composition to a plastic state.

The solution should be mixed manually in a small amount to use within 1 minute it is Necessary to lay the mortar in the repair area and hold it until it stops leaking.

For use in the form of powder, apply a proper amount on the area and hold until it stops the leak.

When mixing and applying, use gloves. After applying Teknoplug Yildirim - on the surface it is necessary to apply Teknomer 100 for absolute waterproof protection.



Application temperature

5°C - 30 °C


Bucket 3 kg



0.2 l of water per 1 kg powder

Shelf life

6 months in unopened original packaging


< 1 minute

Material consumption

~ 2 kg / 1000 cm3

Full curing time

1 minute

Gidroplomba Teknoplug Yildirim

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