Tape for sealing joints Teknomer Pah Band 120/70

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Tape for sealing joints Teknomer Pah Band 120/70

TPE elastic insulating tape for sealing construction joints.

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TPE elastic insulating tape Teknomer Pah Band for sealing construction joints on the basis of polyester mesh 120/70. Allows you to protect the structure from water infiltration in the formation of cracks up to a width of 7 mm.


  • Vertical and horizontal construction joints
  • Waterproofing in constructions with high humidity (balconies, terraces, swimming pools, water tanks, bathrooms and toilets)
  • Installation of pipes and intake systems
  • Waterproofing of cold joints and cracks.


  • Easy to use
  • High adhesion to concrete surfaces
  • High tensile, shock and bending
  • Resistance to chemicals
  • Easy to cut and solder to achieve the desired length of the material
  • Polyester mesh further reinforces waterproofing solution on the surface

Instructions for use:

The application surface should be cleaned from dust, oil, paint, silicone and other materials that may hinder adhesion.

Remarks / Restrictions:

  • Prepare and cut the required amount of tape and prepare the necessary waterproofing solution
  • After the first coat of waterproofing solution to the surface to put electrical tape is cold, angular, horizontal-vertical joints and dynamic cracks. This ensures continuous waterproofing. Then on the tape you must apply a second coat of waterproofing material.
  • The surface after application of the solution must be protected from adverse weather conditions such as direct sunlight, strong wind, high air temperature (above 35 °C), rain and frost.


Roll gray with white edges



Shelf life

24 months


10 meters


120 mm (70 mm insert TPE)


0.52 mm


35 gr/m

Longitudinal tensile

< 26 %

Transverse tensile

< 123 %

The pressure at the gap

3 Bar (positive)


1.5 Bar

UV protection

> 500 hours

Operating temperature

From -30 ° C to 90 ° C

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