Insulating tape Teknomer Dilatationel Band

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Insulating tape Teknomer Dilatationel Band

Perforated adhesive tape with reinforcing mesh-based thermoplastic elastomer, a width of 200 mm.


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Perforated adhesive tape with reinforcing mesh-based thermoplastic elastomer, a width of 200 mm. Tape is used for sealing and waterproofing seams in corners and joints between walls, before laying the tiles, for sealing pipes and expansion joints.


  • for indoor and outdoor use
  • vertical and horizontal expansion joints
  • for business and technical joints in engineering structures
  • water tanks, swimming pools, car parks and shopping centres
  • for cement elastic waterproofing systems
  • under a liquid waterproofing membrane before laying the tile


  • Excellent adhesion to polymer waterproofing materials
  • Simple installation using epoxy glue
  • Resistance to chemicals
  • Full waterproof
  • The flexibility of up to 1000 %

Instructions for use:

The surface of the seam or joint should be cleared of anti-adhesive particles, dirt and dust, degreased, can be dry or slightly damp. When using waterproofing tape to the joints its Central part it is necessary to weaken, forming a bend. This installation obtained an additional supply elasticity of the connections required when the displacement of the plates.

Cut a strip of tape of the necessary length with scissors or knife. Apply two-component epoxy resin TEKNOBOND 400D on both the concrete surface. Fasten TEKNOMER DILATATION BAND bending to the seam. After curing apply another layer of epoxy resin on the perforated surface of the tape.

When using and editing the tape be careful not to cause her damage in the form of cuts or punctures.




Roll - 25 metres

Shelf life

24 months

width /thickness

200 mm / 1 (1.5) mm

Product weight

930 g/m2

Shore hardness (A)


The elongation of the longitudinal gap

1000 %

Elongation of the transverse gap

1000 %

The pressure at the gap

4 Bar

Maximum axial load

14 N/mm2

The maximum transverse load

14 N/mm2

Operating temperature

-30 °C - 90 °C

Adhesive force

> 4 N/mm2