Polyurethane waterproofing Teknomer 600 1K

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Polyurethane waterproofing Teknomer 600 1K

One-component elastic polyurethane waterproofing mixture on a water basis.


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Teknomer 600 1K is a one-component liquid elastic polyurethane waterproofing mixture based on water, which cures due to reaction with moisture in the air. 

Application areas:

  • For external application
  • For building foundations
  • For terraces, roofs, balconies and drains
  • For wood and sheet materials

Features and Benefits:

  • Retains elasticity at low temperatures
  • Does not crack
  • Waterproof
  • Frost - resistant
  • Prevents carbonation in concrete
  • Easy to use
  • Ready for use

Instructions for use:

  • Before applying the material, the surface should be cleaned of any types of oil, rust, detergents, dirt and other substances that prevent setting.
  • If there are cracks or other damages on the surface, they must be previously repaired with Teknorep repair solutions. Use Tekomer 600 1K 3-4 days after surface repair.
  • Before using Teknomer 600 1K, the joints should be worked with Teknomer pah bandi insulation tape.
  • All gutters, drains and filters should also be isolated using Teknomer pah bandi.
  • Next, apply Teknobond 300 epoxy primer with a brush or roller with a flow rate of 0.200 - 0.400 kg/m2. Consumption depends on the quality and absorbency of concrete. You should wait until the primer dries (from 4 to 24 hours) and you can start applying Teknomer 600 1K.
  • The material can be applied with a brush, roller or spray in several layers, and the second layer should be applied perpendicular to the previous one.  After applying the layer, you should wait at least 1 hour before applying the next one. The layer is considered dried when it ceases to be imprinted on the fingers.

Application Notes/Restrictions:

  • Immediately after applying waterproofing, it is necessary to protect the surface from adverse weather conditions (direct sunlight, high temperatures < 35 C, precipitation and frost).
  • Since the material is not resistant to UV rays, after applying waterproofing, it is necessary to cover the surface with a finishing coating, such as tiles, plaster, screed, etc.
  • Work should be carried out in compliance with safety and hygiene standards, using a mask and glasses.
  • The tools and equipment used must be washed immediately after use.
  • Do not apply Teknomer 600 1K in the rain.


White, grey


Bucket 20 kg 

Expiration date

12 months in a dry environment in a closed package

Life time of the mixture

1 hour at a temperature of 20 °C

Density of the mixture

1,30 0,05


24 hours at a temperature of 23 °C (for hiking loads)

Solid matter ratio


Shore Hardness

65 (7 days)

Breakout strength

> 1.5 N/mm2 (7 days)

Tensile strength

> 500% (7 days)

Penetration into cracks

> 5 mm

Moisture resistance


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