The materials for industrial floors


The mixture for leveling floors Teknoself

Self-leveling screed with additives synthetic polymer.

Self-leveling screed Teknoself 500

Flanny self-leveling mortar for screed with additives synthetic polymer.

Concrete hardener quartz Teknoser 100

Hardener to fresh concrete surfaces, which includes sorted quartz sand.

Concrete hardener corundum Teknoser 300

Hardener for fresh concrete surfaces with corundum chips enhances the strength properties of the concrete surface 2 times.

Epoxy primer Teknobond 100

Two component epoxy primer for concrete surfaces.

Stamped concrete Teknoser Baski

Hardener concrete silica fillers used in the fresh concrete.

Dye-hardener for concrete Tekno Ayrac

Tekno Ayrac increases the resistance of the surface to atmospheric factors.

Polyurethane primer Teknobond 110

One-component polyurethane primer.

Epoxy primer Teknobond 300

Two-component epoxy primer of low viscosity, which does not contain solvents.

Epoxy primer Teknobond 350

Teknobond 350 two – component epoxy primer water-based.

Polyurethane adhesive Teknobond 460

Teknobond 460 - one-component polyurethane adhesive for installation of coverings from rubber crumb.

Teknobond 500 epoxy self-leveling floor

TEKNOBOND 500 is a two component, self-levelling coating based on epoxy resin

Flooring Teknobond 500P

A two-component material for floor covering based on polyurethane.


Two-component textured material for surface coating based on epoxy resin.

Epoxy paint Teknobond 600

Epoxy paint for concrete, metal, wood and plaster surfaces.

Epoxy paint Teknobond 650

Epoxy paint for concrete, metal, wood and plaster surfaces.

The finish paint Teknobond 650P

Protective two-component finishing paint based on polyurethane.

Paint for road marking Teknobond 950

One-component paint based on acrylic resin and solvent for road marking and floor coatings.

Cold road paint Teknobond 960

Cold road paint based on synthetic resin and solvent.

Varnish for concrete Teknocila 300

Shockproof multi-purpose nail for concrete based on acrylic.

Varnish for concrete Teknocila 350

Multi-purpose nail Polish on acrylic base for high density concrete.

The water based lacquer Teknocila 400

Acrylic lacquer in white on a water-based acrylic for concrete.

Acrylic emulsion 100 Teknokür

Acrylic emulsion water-based suitable for all concrete surfaces.

Paraffin hardener concrete Teknokür 400

Solvent-free aqueous emulsion of paraffin wax prevents moisture evaporation.

Microbutton Granito Floor

Microbutton Granite floor which includes the fraction of marble chips.

Concrete hardener Teknoser Lityum

Penetrating liquid hardener for water-based mineral surfaces.

Concrete hardener Teknoser Sodyum

Teknoser Sodyum is a liquid lithium silicate colorless hardener used to prevent the formation of dust.