Two-component textured material for surface coating based on epoxy resin.


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TEKNOBOND 600 TIX is a two component textured material for surface coating based on epoxy resin.


  • Warehouse and Assembly areas, workshops, garages, loading docks.
  • Used as a colored textured coating for concrete surfaces subjected to normal average operating load.
  • Multi-storey and underground car parks, maintenance hangars.
  • Used as a topcoat for areas of high humidity.


The features and benefits

  • Easy to apply.
  • It has high mechanical strength.
  • Has a high resistance to abrasion.
  • Easy to clean to create a hygienic environment.
  • Makes the surface textured and retentive.


Usage instructions

Surface for application must be solid, clean, dry and not to contain extraneous substances. The surface should be as smooth, have no cracks or other damage. If there are areas in the form of cracks and cavities on surface should be repaired using the easy cement mixes Teknorep 300 and Teknorep 300EX. The concrete base must have a sufficient compressive strength (minimum 25 N/mm2) and tensile strength (tearing-off) at least 1.5 N/mm2. The application surface should be cleaned using appropriate methods to ensure maximum adhesion strength.

After adding component B to component A and mix for 2-3 minutes with low speed electric mixer (max 400 rpm) until a homogeneous mixture.

Cleaning of the equipment. Immediately after application equipment must be cleaned with solvent Tekno.


Notes on application / Limitations

  • For most high-quality curing of material, do not use the boundary temperature regimes. Low temperatures slow down the curing process, while higher temperatures accelerate the curing process. Viability will also vary depending on the temperature.
  • After application the surface should be protected from direct sunlight, strong wind and high air temperature (above 35° C).
  • If your mixture to the skin it should be washed with water with detergent. In case of contact with eyes, rinse with plenty lukewarm water and seek medical help.


From RAL palette

The density of the mixture

1,50±0,02 g/ml

Shelf life

12 months in unopened original packaging


20 kg set


0.5 kg/m2


40 min. (depends on weather conditions)

Mixture proportions

9 parts A: 1 part B (by weight)

The bond strength with concrete

> 4 n/mm2 (TS EN 4624)

Full cure

7 days