Teknobond 500 epoxy self-leveling floor

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Teknobond 500 epoxy self-leveling floor

TEKNOBOND 500 is a two component, self-levelling coating based on epoxy resin

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Teknobond 500 is a two-component epoxy self-leveling floor.

Application areas:

  • For rooms with medium load, such as repair shops, loading ramps
  • For warehouses
  • For multi-storey and underground parking
  • For residential premises, cafes, restaurants and educational institutions
  • For hangars and wet production facilities for the production of beverages and food products

Features and Benefits:

  • Resistant to chemicals: acids, alkalis and detergents
  • Wear-resistant
  • Does not change its properties in a humid environment and with temperature changes
  • It has no joints through which aggressive substances will not be able to get into the concrete and destroy it
  • Waterproof, so no additional waterproofing is needed
  • Easy to use
  • It has a wide palette of colors
  • Forms a good glossy surface
  • It is possible to create a matte or semi-matte coating


Instructions for use:

  • Before applying, clean the surface from any types of oil, rust, detergents, dirt and other substances that prevent setting.
  • The recommended compressive strength should be from 25 N/mm2, the tear strength from 1.5 N/mm2.
  • To prepare the working mixture, component B should be added to component A and mixed with a mixer for 2-3 minutes at low rpm (400 rpm) until a homogeneous mixture is obtained.
  • Before using Teknobond 500, a Teknobond 300 primer should be applied to the surface.
  • Apply Teknobond 500 with a notched trowel.

Application Notes/Restrictions:

  • It is not recommended to leave the material under direct sunlight after application, the surface may burn out.
  • Using the material at high air temperatures, it hardens faster, at cold temperatures - longer.
  • The product may cause irritation if it gets on the skin. It is necessary to use work clothes, protective gloves, a mask and glasses. Before starting work, you can apply a protective cream on your hands. In case of contact with the eyes, rinse the eyes immediately with warm water and consult a doctor.
  • When storing Teknobond 500 at temperatures below 0 ° C, the material may crystallize.
  • After applying the material, it is necessary to protect the surface from adverse weather conditions, such as direct sunlight, strong wind, high air temperature (more than 35 ° C), rain and frost.
  • Used tools and equipment should be washed with warm water immediately after use.


Different colors


20 kg (A B)

Expiration date

12 months


7 days

Life time of the mixture

30 minutes

Density of the mixture

1.45 0.02 UAH/ml


0.35 - 0.55 kg/ m2

Wear resistance

60 - 70 mg (SS 10 / 1000 g / 1000 vol)

Hardness behind the Shore D


Flexural strength (TS EN 196-1)

> 30 N/mm2

Compressive strength

> 55 N/mm2

Adhesion strength with concrete

> 4 N/mm2

Teknobond 500 epoxy self-leveling floor

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