Dye-hardener for concrete Tekno Ayrac

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Dye-hardener for concrete Tekno Ayrac

Tekno Ayrac increases the resistance of the surface to atmospheric factors.

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Tekno Ayrac - special dye-hardener, gives the surfaces an art form, but also acts as a reagent-disconnector for printing forms.


  • Inner and outer coating.
  • Sidewalks, paving, stair treads.
  • Shopping centers, exhibition areas.
  • Used with the use of printed forms in concrete systems.

The features and benefits

  • Prevents the adhesion of printing forms concrete systems to concrete.
  • Provides intense color of the surface.
  • Increases the resistance of the surface to atmospheric factors.
  • Helps to create a coating that is resistant to UV, acids, alkalis.
  • Gives the surface a more artistic look.

Usage instructions

After applying Teknoser Baski, powder material Tekno Ayrac fully dispersed on the surface of the monolithic coating. Evenly rubbed with a special trowel with the necessary effort, RUB into the surface until, until the base becomes crisp uniform colour. The edge of a concrete pad treated with a corner trowel. After applying Tekno Ayrac and prior to stacking of the molds for forming pattern technical break of one hour. After 1-2 days, the surface is cleaned with water under pressure.

Notes on application / Limitations

  • Should be avoided in windy, very cold and hot weather.
  • May cause irritation on the skin. Use protective gloves or protective glasses. In case of contact with eyes, immediately flush eyes with warm water and consult a doctor.


White, gray


20 kg bag

Shelf life

12 months in dry environment in unopened container


0,2-0,4 kg/m2