Varnish for concrete Teknocila 300

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Varnish for concrete Teknocila 300

Shockproof multi-purpose nail for concrete based on acrylic.

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Teknocila 300 - acrylic, high performance, shockproof, multi-purpose nail for concrete, insulating and protective material.


  • To protect concrete surfaces.
  • For finishing floors and walls as a decorative element.
  • To extend the service life of structures made of concrete.
  • Used as a surface hardener.


The features and benefits

  • Increases the durability of the surface.
  • One-component.
  • Concrete provides resistance to chlorine.
  • Dries quickly.
  • Improving the airtightness, it prevents the appearance of cracks due to temperature changes.
  • Used as a varnish due to the formation of bright film layer.
  • Protects concrete against atmospheric influences, which can penetrate into the concrete


Usage instructions

The surface must be dry, solid and free from all kinds of foreign particles such as dust, dirt, masli, etc. the Best methods of surface preparation are steam cleaning, a jet of water under high pressure, or grinding.

TEKNOCILA 300 is ready to use. Before use, mix well. On the surface, apply by brush or roller with a short NAP manually or automatic dispensers. Do not use on exposed surfaces when the atmospheric precipitation.

Phase curing: requires no special handling, protect from rain for at least 1 hour at a temperature of approximately 20 ° C (becomes resistant to dust after 30 minutes).


Notes on application / Limitations

  • After using this product should be cleaned using TEKNOTHINNER.
  • Spillage on the skin should be washed with warm water and detergent.
  • The product can irritate the skin. Use protective gloves and goggles. In case of contact with eyes, immediately wash out with warm water and seek medical help.
  • Flammable material should be done at a great distance from open flames, high temperatures, welding and cutting machines and tools.


Transparent liquid


17 l Bucket

Shelf life

12 months in unopened original packaging

The temperature of the fire



0,92 (±0,03) (kg/l)


2 hours


Roller, brush: 0,100 - 0,200 LT/m2

Atomizer: O,150 - 0,250 kg/m2

Temperature range of application

( 5°C) - ( 35°C)

Dry film thickness

135 (±15,00) µm

Full hardening

5 days


In accordance with ASTM O 309-81

Product publications

What kind of varnish to cover the concrete hardener
What kind of varnish to cover the concrete hardener

Teknocila 300 is a fast-drying one-component varnish based on organic solvents, which helps to protect concrete surfaces and extend their service life.

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Teknocila 300 acrylic varnish is a reliable defender and an excellent decorator of concrete surfaces
Teknocila 300 acrylic varnish is a reliable defender and an excellent decorator of concrete surfaces

Acrylic varnish for concrete based on an organic solvent from the Tekno trademark is a proven solution that allows you to provide reliable protection, decorative finishing and high strength characteristics of the concrete surface.

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Varnish for concrete Teknocila 300

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