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Concrete hardener Teknoser Sodyum

Teknoser Sodyum is a liquid lithium silicate colorless hardener used to prevent the formation of dust.

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Teknoser Sodyum is a liquid lithium silicate colorless hardener. It is also used to prevent the formation of dust.

Application areas:

  • For industrial floors
  • For storage facilities
  • For warehouses with low temperatures
  • For external and internal parking
  • For aircraft hangars and helicopter runways
  • For berths

Features and Benefits:

  • Increases the strength of concrete due to crystals that penetrate deep into the pores
  • Increases the impermeability of concrete
  • Increases the wear resistance of the surface
  • Eliminates the formation of dust from coated surfaces
  • Prevents cracking
  • Does not contain solvents
  • Prevents the destruction of the surface at low temperatures
  • Vapor permeable
  • Creates a glossy finish
  • Does not require a finishing coat

Instructions for use:

  • Before applying the material, the surface should be cleaned of any types of oil, rust, detergents, dirt and other substances that prevent setting. The surface must be dry, firm and durable, without water leaks.

The quality of concrete should be from 20/25;
The quality of the screed is from EN 13813 CT-C25-F4.

  • Freshly laid concrete does not require special preparation.
  • Before applying the material, the surface should be moistened.
  • Teknoser Lityum should be applied to fresh concrete or screed using a spray gun in one layer, filling the pores of the surface. The material should be spread over the surface with a fibrous brush or a rubber spatula.

Application Notes/Limitations:

  • It should be avoided in windy, extremely cold and rainy weather.
  • The surface hardener may vary in shades depending on the type of concrete surface on which the mixture is applied.
  • Acid cleaners should not be used.
  • Regular washing of the surface increases its shine.
  • The tools and equipment used must be washed immediately after use.

Naymenuvannya ostavnik

Normative significance

Termin appendage


Vidro 30 kg

Shilnist sumishi (EN ISP 2811-1)

1.20 0.02 g / cm2

Zastosuvannya temperature

2 °C - 38 °C


1 l per 6 - 20 m2

Solidification hour

4 - 6 years

The hour is put into operation

7 dniv

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