How to choose a rebar bending machine

The rebar can be bent quickly, easily and according to the technology with the help of desktop mechanical machines, electric machines or manual keys for bending Afacan rebar.

What building materials can a chemical anchor be used with

Thixotropic chemical anchor is a polymer mixture that quickly sets and securely fixes threaded studs, anchors and other elements of the fastening system.

How to glue a tree to a tree

Polyurethane adhesive Tekno Deniz Tutkali belongs to a number of one-component adhesive mixtures for wood, is characterized by high adhesion and fast drying.

How to protect the floor in a wet production room

The hardener is a special water-based liquid that penetrates deep into the pores of the material and, forming a special film, protects the surface and many adverse factors.

01 Dec 2021
Teknobond 500 - epoxy self-leveling floor

Teknobond 500 is an epoxy self-leveling floor with which any floor in a residential or industrial room will be smooth, even, beautiful and durable.

30 Nov 2021
Liquid hardeners for concrete

TEKNO hardeners do not require a finishing coating and give the surface a beautiful well-groomed appearance with a glossy sheen.

29 Nov 2021
The ideal primer for self-leveling floor - Teknobond 300

Teknobond 300 is a multifunctional low-viscosity water-based penetrating epoxy primer, and thanks to it, your self-leveling floor will last for many, many years.

Which primer is suitable for epoxy self-leveling floor

Epoxy primer or primer helps in the preparation of concrete surfaces, as well as rough floors based on modifications of concrete, wood and other materials - strengthening the concrete screed, protecting it from water and moisture absorption from the finishing layer.

How to waterproofing the terrace

Special liquid mixtures based on polyurethane and water are considered to be one of the most popular materials for protecting open outbuildings from moisture.

How to prevent cracks from appearing in freshly laid concrete

The Teknokur 100 membrane-forming agent creates a visible protective layer on the concrete surface, preventing moisture evaporation and shrinkage of fresh concrete until it is fully hydrated.

What kind of varnish to cover the concrete hardener

Teknocila 300 is a fast-drying one-component varnish based on organic solvents, which helps to protect concrete surfaces and extend their service life.

How to protect the facade

Hydrophobization is a modern technology for protecting the front of facades with the help of special materials that prevent the destruction of the cladding under the influence of precipitation and efflorescence.

Is it possible to make waterproofing without finishing coating

Teknomer 600 1K UV waterproofing polyurethane mixture is characterized by excellent elasticity, which persists even at low air temperatures, and is also resistant to UV rays, temperature changes, chemicals and acids.

10 Nov 2021
Teknopoliderz 2K - cold-use road and airfield sealant

Two-component self-leveling bitumen modified polyurethane sealant for seams Teknopoliderz 2K - already in stock!