Waterproofing and repair of concrete

How to waterproofing the terrace

Special liquid mixtures based on polyurethane and water are considered to be one of the most popular materials for protecting open outbuildings from moisture.

How to prevent cracks from appearing in freshly laid concrete

The Teknokur 100 membrane-forming agent creates a visible protective layer on the concrete surface, preventing moisture evaporation and shrinkage of fresh concrete until it is fully hydrated.

How to protect the facade

Hydrophobization is a modern technology for protecting the front of facades with the help of special materials that prevent the destruction of the cladding under the influence of precipitation and efflorescence.

Is it possible to make waterproofing without finishing coating

Teknomer 600 1K UV waterproofing polyurethane mixture is characterized by excellent elasticity, which persists even at low air temperatures, and is also resistant to UV rays, temperature changes, chemicals and acids.

How to seal the temperature seams

Teknpoliderz 1K polyurethane sealant guarantees the best quality of sealing of temperature joints and will help to avoid water leaks, as well as deformation of the structure of the structure.

How to protect concrete in hot weather

Teknokur 100 is an acrylic membrane-forming agent that helps prevent moisture evaporation from freshly laid concrete.

What kind of glue is suitable for porcelain stoneware on a warm floor

Teknofay Flex does not emit toxic substances during operation, which makes it ideal for laying porcelain stoneware on a warm floor in residential and public premises.

How to glue the carpet together

Teknobond 250 glue reliably strengthens the joints of the carpet, thereby extending the service life of the entire coating.

Glue for facing the stove and fireplace

The reinforced Teknofay Flex adhesive effectively fixes the tile on the surface of fireplaces and stoves as it is resistant to high/low temperatures and temperature changes.

How to glue a tile to a tree

The paste-like adhesive based on the emulsion polymer Teknofay 200 is specially designed for elastic bases that are prone to deformation.

How to glue tiles in the pool

Reinforced Teknofay Flex adhesive with an extended life of the finished mixture, works perfectly on vertical and horizontal surfaces indoors and outdoors.

How to glue PVC materials to concrete

The simplest and most convenient way to glue PVC materials to concrete is to use a special acrylic glue Teknobond 250.

Do I need to glue linoleum

Ready-to-use acrylic adhesive Teknobond 250 on a water basis is designed directly for gluing such floor coverings as natural linoleum, vinyl, linoleum and rubber coverings, carpet, quartz-vinyl and cork tiles.