Bitumen-rubber mastic taping IZOPLAST W-KL

Autumn and winter seasons in Ukraine does not indulge us with warmth. And if the citizens of our country always have the opportunity to put on additional sweater or bundle up in a scarf, something about the insulation of the Foundation must be taken care of in advance. It is established that it is due to the foundations, ground floors and basements occurs about 10-20% of the heat loss of the building.
But the greatest danger to the integrity and durability of the Foundation represent heaving soils, which by freezing increases in volume and can lead to deformation and even destruction. Even if the Foundation was laid below the freezing depth of such soils, it does not give 100% guarantee that the forces of frost heaving will not render its destructive effects.

The situation is difficult, but not hopeless. Quality insulation of buried construction will allow to solve problems such as significant heat loss, the appearance of dampness, mould development, and will help protect the Foundation from freezing. But the main advantage of a properly performed thermal insulation will minimize the risks resulting from lifting and heaving of the soil thawing.

Due to its technical characteristics as thermal insulation material is perfect slab of foam and expanded polystyrene. But they need something to stick and it is desirable that this product was absolutely safe for the above materials. That's it for this goal and has developed a bitumen-rubber mastic attaching water-based IZOPLAST W-KL.

What is a mastic IZOPLAST W-KL and what are its main benefits?


IZOPLAST W-KL - bitumen-rubber mastic, Polish production, water-based. It is used to create a seamless and light waterproofing coatings, bonding slabs of foam, polystyrene and mineral insulation to concrete, brick and plastered surfaces.


Taping mastic IZOPLAST W-KL is very easy to use, contains no solvents and has high adhesion property to the mineral surfaces. Excellent for seamless waterproofing vertical and horizontal surfaces and gluing of insulating materials.

Thanks to the incredible ease of use, to use a bitumen-rubber mastic IZOPLAST W-KL , maybe as an experienced Builder, so people without special knowledge and training. To start the mastic should be thoroughly mixed. Then, with a brush or spatula apply the mixture on the insulating material in one of two ways:

  • strips with a width of 5-10 cm (thickness of 2 to 5 mm) around the perimeter of the insulating plate at intervals of 20-30 cm
  • for 20 points with a diameter of 5-10 cm per 1 m2


Call our specialists Monolit Build you will receive detailed advice about taping a bitumen-rubber mastic IZOPLAST W-KL and can acquire it even without leaving home.

Bitumastic Izoplast W-KL

Bitumen-rubber mastic, water based for light, seamless waterproofing coating and gluing of plates from polyfoam, Styrofoam.

Dmitry Pismensky