How to glue PVC materials to concrete

Gluing PVC floor coverings to a concrete base is an important task. The strength and durability of the coating, its wear resistance and integrity, as well as the safety and comfort of people who interact with it, depend on the correctness of its implementation.

The simplest and most convenient way to glue PVC materials to concrete is to use a special glue Teknobond 250, which is simultaneously compatible with both plastic and concrete.

Teknobond 250 acrylic adhesive does not require additional preparations and can be applied to the finished base after opening the package and mixing the finished mixture. The glue must be applied with a notched spatula, evenly distributing the mixture over the base. After 2-3 minutes after applying Teknobond 250, the base is ready for gluing PVC materials. The primary fixation of the floor covering occurs 15-20 minutes after gluing, and after 24 hours the room is ready for full operation.

Ready-to-use Teknobond 250 water-based adhesive has increased adhesion strength to linoleum, vinyl, latex and rubber floor coverings. Thanks to the fast and strong coupling, the acrylic adhesive reliably fixes the finish coating, prevents the formation of air bubbles and the sliding of the PVC material.

After solidification, Teknobond 250 acrylic adhesive is resistant to high temperatures and significant mechanical loads. Due to these features, the elastic adhesive composition is actively used for gluing PVC coatings on the surface of underfloor heating and in rooms with large pedestrian and mechanical loads.

Thanks to modern developments, it has become easy to reliably glue PVC materials to concrete - it is enough to correctly use an elastic adhesive with increased adhesion strength Teknobond 250.

Teknobond 250 acrylic glue

Water-based acrylic adhesive for PVC and linoleum floor coverings.

Dmitry Pismensky