How to glue a tile to a tree

The main difficulty in gluing tiles to wood is to create an elastic connecting layer that can compensate for minor fluctuations in the base during operation. To solve this difficult task , a paste-like adhesive based on the emulsion polymer Teknofay 200has been developed, designed for elastic bases that are prone to deformation.

Ready-to-use glue is easy to use, and thanks to the extended life span, it allows you to carry out complex work that does not tolerate haste and requires care and scrupulousness.

To glue a tile to a tree, it is necessary to prepare the wooden base to an ideal state - align, repair, clean and degrease. Pre-mixed Teknofay 200 glue is evenly applied to the finished wooden base. To increase the adhesion of the glue to the wooden surface, the glue is applied with the flat side of the spatula, and then leveled with the toothed side. Within 30 minutes after applying the glue to the wood, it is necessary to glue the tile. In this case, it is advisable to use a rubber hammer.

After 24 hours after application, the glue completely solidifies, forming at the same time a strong and elastic connecting layer with a high adhesion strength of tile and wood. Such a connection of tiles and a wooden base has high performance characteristics, is resistant to temperature changes, moisture and mechanical loads.

During operation, the Teknofay 200 paste-like adhesive compensates for deformations of the wooden base, preserves the integrity of the tile, evenly distributing the load under it and making the finish coating more resistant to cracking and chipping.

Gluing a tile to a tree is a difficult task and it can be effectively solved only with the help of a professional Teknofay 200 glue, designed specifically for this.

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Dmitry Pismensky