How to glue a tile to drywall

Drywall is a successful solution for a variety of engineering tasks in residential, office and industrial premises. Due to its versatility, drywall allows you to “redraw” the existing space or to cover it at your own discretion with tiles made of tile, marble or granite.

When performing external and internal finishing works on a drywall basis, Teknofay 200 glue has proven itself perfectly. With its increased setting strength, this adhesive helps to securely glue the tile to the drywall, creating a smooth and durable ball of tile coating.

To glue ceramic, granite or marble tiles to drywall once and for a long time, it is enough to apply Teknofay 200 glue, having previously prepared the adhesive composition in accordance with the instructions on the package.

  • Teknofay 200 glue is easy to prepare and convenient for use both on an industrial scale and for private use. After mixing with water, the adhesive mixture is ready for work within at least 6 hours, which allows you to perform tile gluing as efficiently as possible in the most inaccessible areas.
  • Teknofay 200 adhesive has increased adhesion, which makes it the best solution for gluing tiles to drywall in both horizontal and vertical planes. At the same time, the hydrophobic adhesive with increased adhesion strength perfectly copes with gluing tiles of small and medium sizes, as well as tiles with high moisture absorption.

After complete solidification, Teknofay 200 is resistant to the influence of high and low temperatures, temperature differences and high humidity, allowing you to create a protective finishing layer in swimming pools, freezers, baths and saunas.

Teknofay 200 glue perfectly glues any tile to drywall indoors and outdoors, ensuring the reliability and durability of the tile coating on a drywall basis.

Teknofay 200 tile adhesive

Ready-to-use adhesive based on an emulsion polymer with an extended working time.

Dmitry Pisminsky