How to glue tiles in the pool

Tiling is a successful and durable solution for indoor and outdoor swimming pools only if it was possible to firmly glue the tile. To achieve the maximum quality result, it is necessary to use a special adhesive mixture designed for fixing tiles precisely in the conditions of operated swimming pools.

Such a special mixture is a reinforced Teknofay Flex adhesive with an extended life of the finished mixture. Due to the increased strength of adhesion to the surface, this adhesive works perfectly on vertical and horizontal surfaces indoors and outdoors.

In order to glue the tile in the pool, it is enough to prepare and use the adhesive mixture in accordance with the instructions from the manufacturer. Having combined the dry adhesive composition in the proportion of 6-7 liters of water per 25 kg of the mixture, the glue must be mixed for 5 minutes, then leave the composition for 10-15 minutes and after this time mix again for about 2 minutes until a homogeneous glue is obtained. The resulting glue has a lifetime of 6 hours. this allows you to glue the tiles to the pool surfaces as accurately, efficiently and accurately as possible.

After complete solidification, the Teknofay Flex tile and stone adhesive provides maximum strength of the ceramic tile connection with the concrete surface, having high performance characteristics and resistance to:

  • high and low temperatures
  • high humidity and complete drying of the surface
  • weather and climate changes in the external environment
  • water pressure
  • mechanical influences
  • regular antibacterial surface treatments

Once, choosing the right glue to glue the tiles in the pool, you can forget about the repair and restoration of the pool for a long time. And by choosing a reinforced adhesive for tiles and stone Teknofay Flex, you can be sure of the strength and wear resistance of the facing coating for many years.

Teknofay 200 tile adhesive

Ready-to-use adhesive based on an emulsion polymer with an extended working time.

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