How to glue the carpet together

When choosing how to glue a carpet “together”, that is, how to connect individual pieces of carpet into a single canvas, it is worth focusing on the tasks that this coating will perform.

In a room with intensive traffic, regular movement of equipment and furniture, Teknobond 250 glue with high adhesion strength will perfectly cope with gluing carpet. This acrylic adhesive is made specifically for working with floor coverings, taking into account all the features of thin, elastic and prone to abrasion carpets and carpeting.

Teknobond 250 glue is ready for use and packaged in plastic buckets, which is convenient for moving the mixture when gluing carpet on large areas or in hard-to-reach areas. After 15-20 minutes after gluing the edges of the carpet, the initial setting occurs and the individual pieces of material are already connected into one canvas, and after 24 hours the floor covering is ready for commissioning.

Gluing the edges of the carpet or carpet is an important part of the arrangement of the room and the quality of its execution largely depends on how long the carpet will be neat and attractive, without sticking out threads and torn pieces. Due to its strength and resistance to wear, the influence of water and temperature changes, Teknobond 250 glue reliably strengthens the joints of the carpet, thereby extending the service life of the entire carpet.

Teknobond 250 acrylic adhesive works effectively on large areas - in offices, conference halls and large auditoriums, preserving the evenness, strength and neatness of carpets. At the same time, Teknobond 250 is a wonderful solution for connecting the edges of the carpet on the steps, in small rooms and when finishing interior elements, when it is necessary to connect a large number of small pieces of carpet, connecting them into one irregular - shaped canvas.

Gluing individual pieces of carpet or carpet is a difficult task, which Teknobond 250 acrylic adhesive for floor coverings effectively copes with .

Teknobond 250 acrylic glue

Water-based acrylic adhesive for PVC and linoleum floor coverings.

Dmitry Pismensky