How to perform waterproofing on outdoor balconies and terraces

Waterproofing of open balconies and terraces is an important event and the quality of its implementation depends on a comfortable, and often safe stay in these areas. Regardless of whether it is the waterproofing of only constructed outdoor structures or the restoration of a damaged waterproofing layer, it is worth using proven and reliable materials, such as Teknomer 300 EX acrylic mastic.

Water-based elastic acrylic compound is an effective solution for waterproofing open balconies, terraces and other areas exposed to temperature changes, wind and moisture. Ready-to-use waterproofing is quickly applied to any type of prepared surface, spreads evenly over the base and after drying provides reliable and long-lasting waterproofing protection of the treated area.

What is noteworthy, if necessary, Teknomer 300 EX mastic, diluted with water in a ratio of 1:1 can be used as a primer for waterproofing - this is very convenient and practical in situations where there is no time and desire to search for additional primer material. Also, acrylic waterproofing perfectly copes with the waterproofing of kitchens, bathrooms, bathrooms and serves as a reliable layer for further laying of coatings made of wood, plastic and other finishing materials.

Teknomer 300 EX acrylic waterproofing has high adhesion to any type of concrete and aerated concrete, brick, galvanized metal and PVC, so it copes with the protection of all elements of open balconies and terraces.

Teknomer 300 EX elastic mastic is a successful solution for the arrangement of new buildings and the reconstruction of older buildings, able to ensure the reliability and durability of open balconies and terraces, protecting them from premature destruction under the influence of weather and temperature conditions.

Acrylic waterproofing Teknomer 300 EX

One-component waterproofing material with a high elasticity based on an acrylic resin.

Dmitry Pismensky