How to seal the temperature seams

During the construction of most buildings made of concrete, stone, block materials or stone, it is mandatory to provide for the device of deformation seams that help prevent the formation of cracks and destruction of the structure. The most common material is concrete. It is not a plastic material, so it can crack under the influence of temperature changes. To avoid this, make temperature seams.

Temperature seams are artificially created slots in concrete structures, including floors, which is why these seams become the main places of water leaks. They divide concrete floors into maps, minimizing the risk of destruction under the influence of external factors.

Water leakage through temperature seams can occur for a number of reasons, including:

  • poor-quality laying or sealing materials
  • poorly carried out repair work
  • incorrect connection of the seam parts
  • shrinkage of the building

Durable and reliable materials are necessary for high-quality waterproofing of temperature joints in concrete floors. Among the most convenient are polyurethane sealants.


Sealing of temperature joints with polyurethane sealants

Polyurethane-based sealants are resistant to moisture and can be used as seam insulation. After application and complete solidification of the composition, the surface is able to withstand high mechanical loads. Polyurethane sealants are also resistant to alkalis, acids and oils. Such compositions can be one- and two-component, but the latter are not very convenient to use, since they require the most accurate observance of proportions when mixing.

Easy and fast joint sealing with Teknpoliderz 1K

Need to seal the temperature seams? Polyurethane one-component sealant Teknpoliderz 1K will perfectly cope with the task. This material is characterized by a high degree of adhesion and elasticity, as well as deformation strength. The sealant is suitable for laying vertical and horizontal joints for most types of surfaces.

Among the main features of Teknpoliderz 1K polyurethane sealant are:

  • One-component composition completely ready for use;
  • High resistance to temperature changes and aggressive environments;
  • Possibility of additional coloring;
  • The composition can be applied without pre-priming the surface.

Using a sealant is quite simple. To do this, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the surface from dust, dirt, and oils. The sealant is applied only to hard, dry surfaces using a special extrusion gun. To prevent smearing of the composition beyond the seams, you can use masking tape. Teknpoliderz 1K polyurethane sealant guarantees the best quality of sealing of temperature joints and will help to avoid water leaks, as well as deformation of the structure of the structure.

Polyurethane sealant for joints

Teknpolyderz 1K is a polyurethane one-component elastic sealant for filling joints.

Olga Shulga