What to add to the concrete for the pool

With proper care and proper operation, a pool made of high-quality reinforced concrete can last for many years, delighting its owners and visitors. And the most important question here is what to add to the concrete for the pool to ensure the durability and wear resistance of the structure?

Hydrophobic additives are a proven assistant in solving this important task. Thus, the use of a concrete additive Teknomer 120 can increase the brand of waterproofness of concrete, its frost resistance and protect it from water pressure. At the same time, the resulting waterproof concrete serves as a reliable protection of the metal elements of reinforced concrete, protecting them from the effects of water and premature destruction.

The way to obtain high - quality concrete that is resistant to the impact and pressure of water is very simple-the use of a hydrophobic additive Teknomer 120 when mixing concrete.

The addition of Teknomer 120 in a ratio of 2-3% of the total weight of the dry cement composition will ensure the durability and long-term maintenance-free operation of swimming pools of any size. The Teknomer 120 additive is suitable for both outdoor pools and indoor pools - after the concrete has completely solidified and gained strength, the additive works as efficiently as possible.

At the same time, it should be remembered that durable and water-resistant concrete for the pool can only be obtained by following the instructions for its manufacture and commissioning:

  • it is possible to work with the Teknomer 120 hydrophobizing additive only at positive ambient temperatures from 5°C to 35 ° C
  • the finished concrete mixture must be fully used within 45 minutes after mixing
  • during solidification, the concrete must be protected from external influences of the sun, wind and temperature changes

After the final strength gain, the reinforced concrete structure of the pool, filled with the addition of Teknomer 120, is ready for intensive operation. The resulting concrete is resistant to wear and destruction in conditions of regular contact with water and high humidity, to low temperatures and regular sanitary treatments necessary for public and private swimming pools.

Water-repelling additive Teknomer 120

Concrete products gives protection against positive and negative water pressure.

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