Among the large assortment of modern adhesives for tiles and stone, paste-like glue for ceramics, granite, marble and similar finishing materials attracts special attention. What is a paste-like glue and what are its advantages.

Let's consider a paste-like adhesive for Teknofay 200 tiles based on an emulsion polymer. First of all, it is worth paying attention to the condition and packaging of the adhesive mixture. Ready-to-use glue is perfect for self-gluing tiles, marble, mosaics in a private house or apartment, and is also convenient for use on large objects that require the simultaneous work of several craftsmen. Teknofay 200 is packed in convenient closed buckets of 5 kg, which allows you to independently adjust the amount of material used and the volume of work performed.

Ready-to-use paste-like glue does not require time and can be applied to the prepared surface after a short mixing. The tile is glued for 30 minutes from the moment of applying the paste-like glue to the base, so it is possible to lay the tile accurately, correctly and without haste.

Teknofay 200 paste-like adhesive has increased adhesion to concrete, plaster, drywall and other substrates on which tiles and stone are laid. After complete solidification, the adhesive is resistant to mechanical loads, temperature changes, water and moisture.

As a result, Teknofay 200 has proven itself perfectly when laying tile, marble and granite tiles in rooms with high humidity - in kitchens, bathrooms, baths, saunas.

An important feature of the Teknofay 200 glue is its elasticity, ease of application and at the same time high thixotropy, which prevents the glue from spreading both on vertical and horizontal bases. This property makes paste-like glue a simple and convenient solution when laying tiles of small size, non-standard shape or laying out complex patterns from various types of tiles.

Ready-to-use paste-like adhesive Teknofay 200 is a convenient and durable solution for most tasks related to the laying and restoration of small and medium-sized tiles in conditions of unstable temperature and high humidity.

Teknofay 200 tile adhesive

Ready-to-use adhesive based on an emulsion polymer with an extended working time.

Dmitry Pisinsky