What affects the water resistance of concrete

Water resistance is an important characteristic of concrete, indicating the ability of the material to resist water pressure. The water resistance class of concrete depends on which structures the concrete is suitable for.

The water resistance of concrete directly depends on the quality of the cement used, the ratio of dry material and water in the concrete mixture, as well as the conditions of concrete solidification and strength gain.

At the same time, the water resistance of concrete is actively affected by additives used in the mixing process. Thus, the use of a hydrophobizing additive Teknomer 120 allows you to pour strong waterproof concrete, significantly increasing the initial brand of water resistance of the mixture.

The Teknomer 120 additive is added directly to the concrete mixer and kneaded for 3-5 minutes together with the rest of the concrete components. The ready-to-use composition in the amount of 2-3% of the mass of dry concrete is easily dissolved in the concrete mixture. A small amount of a hydrophobic additive does not affect the overall proportion, at the same time it increases the strength of the finished concrete and its ability to withstand water pressure on the structure.

In order for the Teknomer 120 hydrophobizing additive to work as efficiently as possible in the finished concrete, it is necessary to observe several simple but important rules when solidifying a poured reinforced concrete structure:

  • first of all, it is worth working with a hydrophobic mixture exclusively at positive temperatures-in the range from 50From up to 350S
  • next, it is necessary to protect the fresh concrete from direct sunlight, strong wind gusts and temperature changes until it completely solidifies

Compliance with these simple rules, combined with the proportional addition of a hydrophobic composition, qualitatively affects the water resistance of the finished concrete. Increasing the water resistance of the concrete mix with the help of a hydrophobic additive Teknomer 120 is a simple, profitable and modern solution for objects that require increased protection from the aggressive influence of water and moisture.

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