Waterproofing outdoor balconies and terraces

In this article, we will gradually consider waterproofing the outdoor balconies and small terraces. It would seem that the similarities between these two designs, except that they are both outdoors? But as practice shows, the waterproofing of these two structures in 99% of cases is almost identical and takes place in several stages: surface cleaning, cutting and sealing of flashings, waterproofing works. The technology proposed by the specialists of the company Monolit Build, includes the use of innovative high-quality waterproof materials that will protect your balcony or terrace from water, and are resistant to destructive influence of weather conditions, which contributes to a significant increase in the period of operation of these structures.

Surface cleaning

Before you can proceed with waterproofing work, thoroughly clean the concrete Foundation of dirt, dust, oils, loose particles and other materials. The main purpose of this stage is completely clean and smooth concrete surface.

We recommend that you clean the following methods:

  • the dismantling of the hammers of old coating
  • surface grinding diamond cups, protrusions, irregularities etc
  • high-pressure washing water (250 ATM).


The device junctions and seams

First of all, you should check your balcony or terrace for the presence of bias from the walls of the house, which should be mandatory as it prevents the accumulation of water on the surface of the balcony or terrace. The optimal slope height is about 1.5 - 2%. If the slope is not detected, it must be done by establishing an additional layer of concrete screed, calculate the permissible load and thickness.

After the implementation of the screed with a slope, you can proceed to the device junctions. At this stage the junction with the wall is cut using a jackhammer. If the wall is already present facade coating, it is necessary to cut the lower part. The adjunction should be made pervasivenes both horizontally and vertically.

After that, the split junction must be sealed sigprocmask non-shrink mortar with high adhesion Teknorep 300 or Teknorep 300 EX and using the same material to make a fillet at the junctions floor-wall. This will significantly reduce pressure on waterproofing coating at the joint.

The pans, pipes, funnels and other migratory elements

Often on the surface of the terrace/balcony are trays that are mounted internal of the funnel for receiving water, etc. For this you need to perform a fillet at the junctions of non-shrink material Teknorep 300 or Teknorep 300 EX. After complete drying of the mixture (24 hours) you can start applying the waterproofing layer.

The application of waterproofing

Because the waterproofing layer is applied over a concrete screed, it must be pre-primed with acrylic primer Izoplast E Nano Power. Apply the mixture in 2 layers with a consumption of 0.2 – 0.25 kg/m2. Waiting time between coats is 1 hour.

After drying of primer to the entire horizontal surface of the balcony or terrace is applied two-component polymer-cement elastic waterproofing membrane Izoplast Hydrolastic. The prepared solution should be applied in 2-3 layers with a roller, brushes or ceiling brushes. Each subsequent layer must be applied perpendicular to previous material consumption 3,5 kg/m2 for a layer thickness of 2 mm. the Waterproofing layer needs 24 hours to protect from rain and direct sunlight. After 3 days you can start laying covering materials.

The repair compound Teknorep 300

One-component non-shrink repair compound reinforced with polymer fibers.

The repair composition Teknorep 300 EX

One-component non-shrink repair compound reinforced with polymer fibers c increased flexibility and strength.

Acrylic primer Izoplast E Nano Power

Hydrophobic primer of deep penetration based on acrylic dispersion. Used for dust control and strengthen the top layer of grounds before applying another material.

The elastic membrane Izoplast Hydrolastic

Izoplast Hydrolastic two – component polymer-cement elastic waterproofing membrane.

Olga Shulga