How to avoid shrinkage of freshly laid concrete

Abrupt and excessive shrinkage of freshly laid concrete is a problem that builders who work in conditions of elevated or unstable ambient temperatures regularly face.

The solution to this problem, as well as insurance against the occurrence of shrinkage cracks on the surface of freshly poured concrete, is the water-based acrylic emulsion Teknokur 100.

The ready-to-use Teknokur 100 mixture is simple and easy to use, quickly sets on the concrete surface, protecting and making it smoother and shinier. Uniform application of two layers of acrylic protection with an interval of 6 hours is guaranteed to create a strong protective layer over the entire surface of concrete.


The Teknokur 100 membrane-forming agent creates a visible protective layer on the concrete surface, preventing moisture evaporation and shrinkage of fresh concrete until it is fully hydrated. Acrylic emulsion is actively used on large-scale construction projects and in hard-to-reach places where it is not physically possible to control the hardening of concrete and, if necessary, to compensate for unnecessarily lost moisture. Teknokur 100 is combined with any type of concrete, performing the function of protection, while not affecting the quality and strength of the concrete structure. The absence of chemically active substances in the composition of the Teknokur 100 membrane-forming agent makes it possible to use protection against shrinkage of fresh concrete on objects of any purpose.

Until the moment of full strength, freshly poured concrete needs to control the condition, moisture level and ambient temperature, or reliable protection from excessive evaporation and shrinkage - this is exactly the protection that the Teknokur 100 membrane-forming agent creates.

Primer acrylic Teknokur 100

Membranebased acrylic emulsion for the protection of fresh concrete.

Dmitry Pismensky