How to repair cracks and damages in concrete floor and screed

The concrete floor is the most common and solid Foundation, but there are a number of factors on which its integrity may be violated.

Reasons for damage to concrete constructions and foundations you need to:

  • subsidence of the soil under the screed
  • insufficient thickness of the screed or absence of reinforcement
  • the lack of expansion joints in large floor space
  • violation of good practice in the mixing and pouring of the coating
  • unplanned stopping of the process of laying mortar
  • lack of structural connection between the old and new coating
  • insufficient warm-up fresh design, the violation of temperature regimes

The result is a concrete surface, which in varying degrees can be covered with cracks. It can be as thin and shallow cracks up to 1 mm, and the distressed deep and larger. And if in the first case, with good reinforcement of ties such cracks do not continue to diverge and will not cause inconvenience, in the second case, you need to repair problem areas.

For quality repair concrete floor or screed, we need a suitable repair material. Teknorep 300 or Teknorep 300 EX. These compounds in its composition contain polymer fibers and have a high bending strength. Of the tools we will need a mixer (this can be a drill or electric drill) with a nozzle, angle grinder with a diamond wheel, a handy tool in the form of a hammer and spatulas.

Start preparing the surface.

For this it is necessary to saw the cracks in the 2-5 cm deep and 1-2 cm around the edges. Cutting edge knocks for the formation of the notch. After that you need to purge and cleanse the place of cuts. Now machined notches primer mixture, wait until it dries. To prepare the solution, pour it into the container the required amount of water, gradually add the mixture and stir with a mixer for 5 minutes. Then hold the solution for 3 minutes and stir again for 2 minutes to obtain a homogeneous mixture. Patching up the cracks the prepared solution. It should be noted that the cracks in the floor that appeared as a result of shrinkage of the cast solution, it is necessary to extend to a depth of 5 mm.

As you can see, the process of repairing cracks in a concrete floor or screed is quite simple and economical, and the use of special repair solutions Teknorep 300 and Teknorep 300 EX allows you to do this efficiently and in a short time. For repair of larger damage, you can use Teknogrout EX, this mixture has high flowability and high resistance to freezing and chemicals.

Remember that the use of quality materials and compliance with standards and manufacturers ' recommendations will allow you to perform any job efficiently and virtually eliminates the need for subsequent repair.

Olga Shulga