How to repair a vertical surface

He wrote a classic: "Nothing is eternal under the moon", and even as durable at first glance, the material, such as concrete, over time, exposed to adverse external factors. This leads to the appearance of voids and thin areas and cracks in its structure.

First of all this is exposed to the surface layer of concrete. But thanks to modern technology, is there a way to promptly stop the degradation of concrete and reinforced concrete structures and prolong their service life for years to come. It is for this purpose developed a line of innovative thixotropic non-shrink repair mixes Teknorep.

Repair compounds for vertical surfaces Teknorep is a dry soluble mixture of grey on the basis of special cement, fine aggregate content of high modulus fibre and polymer additives, which contribute to the compensation of shrinkage. When mixed with water repair solutions Teknorep form a thixotropic plastic composition with high adhesion to concrete and metal.

Depending on the degree of destruction of reinforced concrete structures company Monolit-build offers the following types of production lines Teknorep:

Teknorep 200 - this is a thin-film thixotropic mixture which is used to fill overdue and gaps from bubbles in the concrete. The thickness of application varies from 3 to 30 mm, which allows you to use this mixture as a filler for restoration repair of concrete surfaces of all concrete structures.


Teknorep 300 is a thixotropic mixture based on cement intended for structural repair of concrete and reinforced concrete structures. Application thickness 10-40 mm allows you to correct deeper defects in the concrete structure.

Teknorep 300 Ex is a thixotropic mixture with high bending strength and the thickness of the coating 10-40 mm, making is great for structural repair of concrete-iron structures, which are subject to higher loads.



On this basis, we can safely conclude that the line of repair products Teknorep for vertical surfaces an extremely wide range of applications.

But despite the differences in technical characteristics and fields of application of repair mortars Teknorep, they are all quite simple to prepare and stacking. But still you must comply with the technology of the surface preparation. It must be clean, rough and without active leakage.

For best adhesion it is recommended to apply a thixotropic mixture Teknorep after using akrilovoj primer Teknolatex 300.

Olga Shulga