How to make the waterproofing of the pool. All stages of work

Private pool, without doubt one of the most expressive attributes of the prosperity and success of its owners. It is convenient, beautiful, and always nice to have the opportunity to enjoy water treatments in a personal pond. But to ensure that the pool served you for years, you need with all the delicacy to approach the issue of waterproofing. Due to the fact that the concrete bowl of the pool is almost always will be under water pressure, waterproofing need to be performed directly on the prescribed technology, and using only the highest quality materials. Specialists of the company Monolit Build has developed a proven solution to prevent the deformation of the concrete bowl, and as a consequence, to extend the period of its operation.

If you are planning to build a swimming pool indoors, then it will be enough to do only internal waterproofing. But if your plans include the construction of the pool in the open air, in this case, the waterproofing will need to perform both inside and outside. After all, with the outer location on the concrete bowl will put pressure not only water inside the pool but outside. It is therefore necessary to protect the concrete bowl from groundwater and aggressive elements that it contains.

Regardless of the location of your pool in order to improve waterproofing properties of concrete you can add in a ratio of 2-3% of the total weight of the dry cement gandtopobo Supplement Teknomer 120, which makes concrete products, protection against positive and negative water pressure.

External waterproofing of the pool

So, if you still decide you want not only to swim in the pool, but to do it in the sun, then we offer you this detailed review process external waterproofing of the pool.

First we need to make a cleaning surface of dirt, dust and loose particles. The main purpose of this stage is to clean and smooth the surface of the concrete bowl. But you have to be very careful to avoid the appearance of many microcracks.

For this purpose we recommend to use gentle cleaning methods such as:

  • processing of metal brushes, sandpaper, diamond circles and cups
  • dry and wet sandblasting
  • cleaning with water under pressure.


After the external walls of the concrete bowl will be cleaned needs to be repaired all defects, holes and cavities using a one-component non-shrink repair mixes Teknorep 300 EX. After 24 hours you can start waterproofing works.

To start on the surface of the concrete bowl required in 2 layers, using a brush or roofing brush, apply bituminous primer Izoplast R. Consumption of the mixture on the first layer should be about 0.3-0.6 kg/m2, and the second of 0.2-0.5 kg/ m2. Each next layer is applied only after complete drying of the previous (approximately 8 hours). After all the layers of bitumen primer Izoplast R is completely dry you can begin applying the bitumen-rubber mastic with high penetrating properties Izoplast B. Mastic should be applied in 3 mutually perpendicular layers, using a brush or roofing brush. The flow of mastic on the first layer should be 0,8-1,2 kg/m2, and the subsequent of 0.6-0.8 kg/ m2. 8 hours after applying the last layer of bitumen-rubber mastic exterior waterproofing is ready.


Internal waterproofing of the pool

Also, as in the case with external waterproofing for starters, you need to do a clean concrete surface. You can use the same methods as for external waterproofing work.
After the purification step, it is necessary to seal all minor defects and cracks with a repair composition Teknorep 300 EX (which we used for external waterproofing of the pool). After 24 hours, you can proceed to further work such as scraping the bowl to make it rough (this is necessary for best adhesion of protective coating to the concrete), then again remove dust and debris from sanding and degrease the surface.
At this stage you need to have technical sealing of openings such as: the supply/return water, skimmers, etc. For this is enough on the pipe segment or a mortgage to make a few turns bentonite cord 15 mm x 25 mm, placing it so that he was on the inside walls of the pool. You must then seal the remaining space with the help of repair composition Teknorep 300 or Teknorep 300 EX. After the repair composition to seal the holes hardens, you can go to the waterproofing of the surface.


Internal waterproofing contractors recommend the use of two-component elastic waterproofing protective material Teknomer 200 EX. Apply the mixture with a brush or spatula on wet surface 3 are perpendicular to each other layer. Waiting time between coats 5-6 hours. After 3-7 days the inner side of the bowl pool will be ready for further tiling.

Penetrating waterproofing Teknomer 100

Penetrating the waterproofing compound based on special cements and additives.

Olga Shulga