What kind of glue is suitable for porcelain stoneware on a warm floor

According to its operational, strength and aesthetic qualities, porcelain stoneware is excellent for finishing floors in houses, apartments, offices and public spaces. But is porcelain stoneware so reliable on a warm floor? What kind of glue is suitable for laying it on top of a underfloor heating system?

Naturally, with the complication of operational conditions, it is worth choosing a more durable and hardy adhesive composition. Today, this is the reinforced Teknofay Flex adhesive on the Ukrainian market. This adhesive is designed directly for fixing durable finishing materials such as marble, granite, porcelain, porcelain and glass in conditions of temperature changes, variable air humidity, high mechanical and pedestrian loads.

With the help of Teknofay Flex glue, it will not be difficult to create a strong and durable coating for a warm floor made of porcelain stoneware both at industrial facilities and in a private house. The preparation of the adhesive composition is quite simple and does not require significant effort and time. 25 kg of dry adhesive mixture from the package is gradually introduced into a container with 6-7 liters of clean water, gently mixing with a mixer for 5 minutes until a homogeneous composition is obtained. After that, the mixture stands for 10 minutes, is re-mixed for 2 minutes and the reinforced Teknofay Flex glue is ready for use.

The reinforced Teknofay Flex glue is evenly applied to the prepared surface, after applying the glue, there are 10 minutes for gluing the granite to the base. If necessary, the position of the tile can be changed by shifting it in the first 10-15 minutes after gluing. Then there is a strong setting of the glue with the surface and granite. 24 hours after gluing the porcelain tile to the base of the underfloor heating, the Teknofay Flex glue completely hardens, forming a strong and durable connection that is resistant to high temperatures, moisture and mechanical loads.

The reinforced Teknofay Flex adhesive retains its strength characteristics throughout the entire period of use of the floor, strengthens the tile and extends its service life. Teknofay Flex does not emit toxic substances during operation, which makes it ideal for laying porcelain stoneware on a warm floor in residential and public premises.

Heat-resistant adhesive TEKNOFAY FLEX C2TE S1

Glue for gluing all types of ceramic tiles, porcelain, granite, marble, natural stone and clinker tiles, and bricks to various types of bases.

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