Glue for facing the stove and fireplace

In the modern world, a beautiful fireplace or stove lined with tiles, marble or granite is a popular and practical solution for country houses, dachas and private hotels. It's nice when once invested efforts please for a long period. But how to choose an adhesive for facing the stove and fireplace that can serve equally well for a long time, preserving the beauty and strength of the tile finish?

Thanks to a lot of experiments and practical experience, experts recommend using the reinforced Teknofay Flex adhesive for laying tiles on the surface of the stove or fireplace. The glue is easy to prepare, convenient to use and has an extended life of the mixture, which allows you to glue the tile accurately and accurately.

Teknofay Flex adhesive with increased adhesion strength hardens 24 hours after gluing - from this moment the fireplace or oven is ready for operation. After complete solidification, the Teknofay Flex adhesive acquires the properties necessary for a strong fixation of the tile in changeable conditions:

  • resistance to high and low temperatures and temperature changes
  • resistance to changes in air humidity and direct contact with water
  • increased adhesion strength to the base
  • preservation of operational characteristics in case of changes in environmental conditions

The listed features of Teknofay Flex glue make it the optimal solution for facing a fireplace and a stove, both in a residential building and in a rarely visited room. The reinforced adhesive equally effectively fixes the tile on the surface of fireplaces and stoves both during intensive operation and with rare use, which is very important for such specific structures.


When finishing the fireplace and stove, you can choose any tile and stone, but the glue for the cladding must be consistently high-quality and durable, and this is the reinforced Teknofay Flex glue .

Heat-resistant adhesive TEKNOFAY FLEX C2TE S1

Glue for gluing all types of ceramic tiles, porcelain, granite, marble, natural stone and clinker tiles, and bricks to various types of bases.

Dmitry Pismensky